American Butterfly Summary

1st August 2015

American Butterfly is a series of books which describe the creation of the S-World Virtual Network, a hyper efficient economic system.

Currently in production, the addendum book: ‘Villa Secrets,’ describes the creation of a global network of hi end vacation rental companies and estates agencies. It was based on this original software framework plan created on March 18 2011.

The Villa Secrets book will be complete in 2016, unlike the theoretical American Butterfly Books 1 to 3, Villa Secrets is a grounded business plan in development.

Villa Secrets solves problems within the industry and creates customized websites and software for its network partners. It is a marketing platform, it is and will further develop as a software framework. It is now conceptualizing the ‘Villas,’ as a next generation property management & distribution system. From its core conception, Villa Secrets has been designed to create a Global Villas Network, made to work within the mathematical framework of American Butterfly and its finite math investment principle ‘POP’ (The Pressure of Profit) a product of the spiritually inspired ‘Give Half Back’ philosophy. 

The original website for Villa Secrets is created in 2000, in 2013 it was copied and improved, then in March 2014 it was launched as the first network prototype In its first year it generated $18,500 for Villa Secrets (25% of its turnover). 

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It has been considered that the following leap from $18,500 to $357 million in ten years without explanation is unreasonable, so we created three videos to present the detail.

1. The plan for Villa Secrets and the next network franchises – Without Investment 38 Minutes 

2. Spreadsheet for the Villa Secrets Network in Hawaii for Vacation Roost 26 Minutes


3. Villa Secrets Network Development – With Investment -Ten year profit and loss forecast 43 Minutes

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We have considered the effects of an improved framework and items like ABTA and ATOL membership and expanding the network globally to 4084 networks in ten years. Given investment we would see the following returns, which over 10 years are equal to an annual ROI of 223%. Without investment we will see the same results over a longer time line.

Villa Secrets 10 year profit and loss

This is impressive; However our Network of Real Estate companies and their CEO’s ability to sell a resort development properties off-plan opens the door to a far more lucrative profit center.


American Butterfly Book 1: The Theory of Every Business, Completed in 2012 available as a e-book download

The Theory of Every Business, is set against the backdrop of a US debt solution, please see this simply as the best way to explore and theorize the macro economics of a global network.

Villa Secrets intends to create a network of thousands of niche top end vacation rental companies and estate agencies For an estate agency to be accepted, their CEO will need to be confident that if we present the right resort development they could sell 16 properties off plan. This opportunity creates the Villa Secrets 100 club, the first 100 high end real estate companies in popular travel locations to join the Villa Secrets network. Collectively this can generate $2Billion in off plan property sales for a resort development. 

Before ‘The Theory of Every Business’ was written, we found a 9 sq. mile lake side residential/commercial plot, on which we could build a Dubai style resort development, located 10 miles away from Orlando Florida at a cost of cost $100,000,000. Many chapters within the American Butterfly research website look into the cost of building a world class resort development including infrastructure, and figure of $4Billion was estimated.

In ‘The Theory of Every Business’ Chapter Four: The Locations Butterfly, 16 location enhancing concepts are presented, the chapter is a Q&A and eventually suggests the value of a property will rise by 120%, however in reality when complete we would expect a first phase villa sold off plan at cost +16% to increase in value four or six times within a few years.

Of the 16 location desirability enhancing exercises the most powerful is ‘S-World Architecture and Urban Planning.’ We intend to approach the owners of The Sims and SIM City and ask them to create a dedicated platform: ‘S-World’ which will focus on whichever land plot becomes available. From the resort design to single houses the resort will be rendered tens of thousands of times in many different ways.

In the same way designers now make money from creating WordPress templates for the public to build their websites, if someone designs something in S-World that gets purchased by the public they will get paid. At a 4% commission if a architect, designer, real estate professional or school child designs a villa that gets purchased they will receive between $15,000 and $500,000. 

This incentive on an already popular platform will be an industry and marketing extravaganza, and becomes the vehicle from which the 100 CEO’s in the Villa Secrets 100 club choose the create the resort.

How ‘The Theory of Every Business’ gets is name, is in the adaptation of the Villa Secrets software framework and marketing platform to different industries. Many applications built for Villa Secrets will work for any industry and there is an operation center and University planned within the resort dedicated to customizing the framework to other industries. In Chapter 2, The Suppliers Butterfly, we present a token industry ‘Aluminum Windows’ and show how a combination of guaranteed tenders from the development and the software framework makes them very profitable.

Companies we choose will agree to invest a portion, usually half of their profit into building another Resort Network, per the POP (Pressure of Profit) investment system.

American Butterfly Book 2: The Network on a String. Completed in March 2013, available in Word on request.

The current Villa Secrets framework stared development in March 2013 after Cambridge University ‘Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics’ did not reply to the presentation of ‘The Network on A String.’ This may render the physics as nonsensical, or it could simply be that they are very busy.

Physics or not, like the governmental economics within The Theory of Every Business, it’s not important how we got there, what’s important is the results, the mathematics which see our report development grow into strings of networks at unprecedented rate, delivering substantial returns to the original investors.

Since 2011 in many chapters on we have considered Chaos Theory, how to avoid rounding errors, how to make long term economic predictions and The Butterfly Effect. It is the butterfly effect that gives American Butterfly its name. However, when we consider the butterfly effect, we do so universally, not ‘Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?’, rather ‘Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Cape Town set off a Super Nova in Andromeda?’

In consideration of the various conundrums currently presented as Chaos Theory, the ‘POP’ Pressure of Profit investment principle was created and only when perfected did we started to write American Butterfly. The entire American Butterfly Network is written within mathematics of the POP investment structure. 

The first chapter of ‘The Network on a String’ presents the principle and a detailed spreadsheet of resort network growth. 

The math is so: One only counts a resort network when it is ‘stable,’ it becomes stable by reaching a profit target, after which the profit is invested into creating a new resort network. Once stable we will always know exactly how much POP profit a network will make, the uncertainty becomes how much it will invest into other developing networks. 

The network then grows in multiples of 8, so 8, 64, 512, 4096 which create the global network cube, then considered universally it continues to grow 32,768 and on to infinitesimal numbers. However as every network generates an exact profit figure and you can’t divide the network into decimal places there can be no rounding errors. In this model the bigger the network gets, the more predictable it becomes. Defying the 2nd law of thermodynamics and the concept of entropy.   

When we worked this principle back in to our first network, it generated incredible profit figures. As more and more network became stable their spill-over profit creates new networks at an ever increasing rate. We call this phenomenon, the ‘Pressure of Profit’ or POP, as time passes networks are created faster.

POP - The Presure of Profit - Chaos Theory


This POP investment principal reverse engineered one step further, became the foundation for the Villa Secrets network expansion model, however in Villa secrets we do not invest profit, rather we invest base turnover. 25% of turnover returns to the Villa Secrets network for development and 25% is spent on marketing the individual networks, creating instead of 10 networks in eight years, nearly 5000.

The second and final chapter of the book ’8 Points of SUSY Similarity’ identifies 8 advances to the networks profitability made from considering areas within Particle Physics, as we simply combine some basic functionality and ideology from Quantum Mechanics, Super-symmetry and Super String Theory. First we consider Super-symmetry and the strongest and weakest particles combining and then we consider our networks growing as sting of 16. From which the POP spill over from the strongest company is matched with the profit over-flow from the weakest. 

By working in this way and creating a network of 8 actual networks, we calm the jitters and unpredictably of over-flow profit of each individual company and are presented with eight very even overflow profits (based on the idea of how string theory is theorized to calm the jitters between quantum mechanics and general relativity).

Now we know the exact amount of POP profit each network will make and we have a greatly improved way of estimating the amount of investment they will be making into other networks. 

By applying this back and looking to include strings of satellite networks across the globe, we end up with the network greatly increasing global GDP. Then we see how another evolution of POP, Angel POP makes the eventual success of networks in less desirable locations such as Malawi, an eventual ‘sure thing’ so increasing investment desirability in such network locations from day one. Eventually it comes down to finding new things to create and a series of 8 global improvement projects are championed as a part of the network design.

American Butterfly Book 3: S-World Virtual Network.  

The final chapter in American Butterfly is for Google, they have developed Google Maps, Google Street View and they have created an app for their android mobile phone that can render photographs virtually. Add this technology, (plus a plan on how one world actuality personally render the world) and combine it with the Sims and SIM City and you have S-World: ‘Sienna’s World’ the Virtual Network.

We started this in 2002, Nick Ray Ball was the first person to create a marketable Virtual Tour using Macromedia Flash, a good 5 years before Google created their product Street View. We don’t have the original but you can see how it looked here In 2004 this software was offered its own digital TV channel and nearly became a global network in alliance with Galileo GDS.

Ten years after its conception, in 2012 within the ‘The Theory of Every Business’ the concept is described again: Chapter 7: S-World. Within this chapter we meet Sienna; Nick Ray Ball’s daughter and his inspiration for American Butterfly:

SIENNA: Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access. Sienna and S-World are the inspirations for the Network, all of and American Butterfly were built to work within the S-World Virtual Network.

The fist ‘unknown,’ is, as stared earlier ‘how one world actuality render the world?’ First we need create a very simple app for people to render their local area or specific buildings within S-World. Then we simply consider that it’s a game, and a social network application, if popularized, people will just start rendering it because they can. Add to this a large budget within each resort network for rendering, and include tourism boards seeing rendering as essential and most places that have cell phone signal will be rendered. 

For the travel and estate agency industry a more accurate way of rendering will be developed, used only by people who are licensed to render. Initially rolled out as a part of Villa Secrets and the Villas Cloud from which all network websites will show virtual walk through tours of their properties, so accurate you could see if each bedroom had a good view. Then it will be rolled out a travel application for all accommodation and created as a part of the popular S-World Virtual Social Network, the bookings made from S-World could far eclipse Villa Secrets. So S-World also becomes a business network: S-World VBN Virtual Business Network.

S-World VBN is American Butterfly, the entire network and software framework represented on S-World Virtual Network. It is first theorized in the final chapter of ‘The Theory of Every Business:’ Chapter 8: S-World UCS

This chapter lead into the second American Butterfly book: ‘The Network on a Sting’ which presents 8 points of SUSY (Super-symmetry) Similarity. However there were originally 16 points, the following is based on the last 8 SUSY Similarity points (Points of the network framework or economics that were similar, or influenced Super-symmetry or other disciplines within particle physics.)  

Firstly when considering how to create the framework for S-World Virtual World, we need to think big, consider the universal butterfly effect and respect the physics. Hence, we shall first look at the research of President Obama’s Science advisor: Dr. James Gates, and his work with on simulated universes, from which via Supper Symmetry he has already found computer code written within the fabric of our universe. For a virtual network that is desired to link to the heavens this is a good place to start.

Once S-World VBN is created and many businesses are trading within one super software frame work, represented virtually on S-World, we theorize: ‘economic time travel.’ We accomplish this by creating a simulation of the current network and push it forwards in time, at a pace twice our time, so in a year of our time we will see a simulation of the network in two years time. In which business decisions, partnerships and trading will occur virtually. Back in our time business owners can see what happens as a result of the simulation and make actual business decisions based on the simulation, successes will be followed and mistakes will be avoided.

We call future simulations ‘UCS Voyager’ 1, 2, 3…

S-World will also create Voyager way stations, 4, 8 & 16 years ahead and create future simulations, based on what we wish to achieve, focusing on the network development and the special projects, (the charitable side of S-World). The future simulations will create paths of how current business can get to our desired future, if a path fails, the future simulation will adjust its targets and create new paths that can be followed. 

Collectively the consideration of the butterfly effect on economics, the use of math that avoids rounding errors, the SUSY similarity and the USC Voyager simulations, S-World creates a far more predicable long term economic forecast than can be done currently.

At the beginning of this journey our mission statement was simply a quote of philosophical String Theory, care of Antony Rauba, from Isaac Asimov

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but one can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future”

And now, courteously of Sienna Skye within American Butterfly we present the designs for S-World, designed to shape the future.


For much more on American Butterfly please read the previous Home-pages, if you really want to know about American Butterfly, read the first Homepage, its starts of quite technical, but if you can get past the first few sections its well worth the read.

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First Update – 24th November 2013

American Butterfly is dedicated to

Angel, Sienna Skye

Nov. 24th 2009 to Aug. 1st 2010

Always in our hearts

Sienna Skye