Super String & Quantum String Networks

American Butterfly 3

The Network On A String

Super String & Quantum String Networks

The graphic continues to illustrate Super String and Quantum String Networks which are relevant to all Networks. Looking at point 4 we see a zoom in on Honduras.

Once the Honduras Satellite String Mother Network is established, alongside applying a “POP” investment in its Satellite String partner (Belize), and receiving “POP” investment from Nicaragua, it creates its own Super String Network. Identifying 8 local partners and arbitrarily investing in whichever one it wishes (or the system dictates).
Each of the 8 individual networks within a Super String Network has a $125 Million “POP” threshold, and applies a circular “POP” investment, in the same manner as the Satellite String. At the appropriate time each Super String Network creates a Quantum String Network, a series of 16 micro networks with a POP threshold of just $15.625 Million. At this point we are really looking at the investment into or the creation of small villages.

One thing to note about the creation of satellite, super and quantum string networks always create new cubes, a complete unit that can fit within the CFM cube structure.

As always the Quantum String Network applies “POP” spin. However, this is the end of the road, as soon as a Quantum String Network makes its $15,625 Million. It needs to invest in another Quantum Network in its string until all Networks in the Quantum String generate their maximum, so equalling $250 Million. This, added to the seven other Quantum String Networks, generates $2 Billion, which added to the Super String Networks and the Mother Networks, brings us back to an even $4 Billion.

However once a Quantum String has generated its $250 Million, it is allowed to double its threshold to $500 Million. Albeit, to keep uniformity over time, each Quantum String Network will invest in slower moving Super String Networks dependent to its Mother Network.

(Please note the symmetry within an original M⇔Bst string network breaking itself down into POP, only to eventually replicate itself in Mandelbrot fractal fashion in a new territory.)

Super String and Quantum String Networks were designed for the purpose as outlined above, specifically to ease the jitters between the USA and its neighbours, so one could start American Butterfly without hindrance from bureaucracy. This said the principal of Super String and Quantum String Networks can work within the USA networks themselves, with Mother and Baby Networks alike creating Super String and Quantum String Networks when it is deemed effective.

Where this principle would really assist within the USA is in terms of City Integration, purchasing or building a shopping mall here or a property development there and so on.


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