Strings of Life

American Butterfly 2

Spiritually Inspired Software

By Nick Ray Ball 3rd October2012

Chapter 3

Strings of Life


1. Dear Diary
2. Commitments, Dividends, Profit Share and Angel POP
3. The Global Network
4. The Angel POP Principle
5. Mathematical Simplicity & Super Symmetry
6. Satellite String Networks
7. Tuning Theory
8. Independent Satellite Networks
9. New Sparta – Global Network Capital
10. Special Project: Gliese Galactica
11. The Spartan Theory
12. Quantum Force Theory
13. Quantum Force String Theory

1. Dear Diary

10.30am GMT, Wednesday, October 3rd 2012

This has been my first diary entry since the 9th May 2012, after which the current version of American Butterfly began. I believe I’m coming to the end of one part of this journey, specifically the solo nature of the journey. The rest of this chapter is plotted out, after which I need to tidy up the previous five chapters. Then American Butterfly is destined for Jerine Watson for opinion and grammatical tuning, which should all be compete shortly after the US General Election. An event I had wished to avoid in part as the event itself would see many in the USA distracted and in part for concern of American Butterfly’s potential to influence, which was not its destiny.

I’m relieved in many ways, its been 20 months without a break. And whilst technically there were 5 days that I did not commit to paper, it did not stop me from processing. Indeed, American Butterfly has been a continual 24/7 process, not even sleep offering a rest bite. This does not signal the end of the book. There are 4 distinct chapters still to be written, alongside what ever else the journey presents. Rather the hope that I have done enough to gain support from the community and no longer have to walk this part alone.

A quick summation of the concluding chapters.

Chapter 13: Quantum Time Part 2

Looking deeper into the concepts of QE (Quantum Economic) and EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) scores which influence dividends, bonuses and profit share payments. Offering greater rewards for actions that will move us in the desired direction. Looking at the social and political aspects of the various S-World UCS Simulations, exploring popular game play, and seeing how we shall plan desired paths for peace, equality and ecological balance.

Alongside this we will be examining the “what exactly is going on here principle.” Right now in the United States Dr. James Gates, Jr. who sits on President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and a group of associates are scratching their heads over what they see as an anomaly in String Theory. They have discovered within super-symmetrical equations “Doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code” in layman’s terms, the computer code that runs web browsers. First invented by Claude Shannon in the 1940s thirty odd years before String Theory was discovered.

Not surprisingly Dr. Gates has been rather elusive of late. Here is a quote from his last interview that I could find at the 10th Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate on The Theory of Everything which took place in March 2011. Host and moderator Neil Degrasse Tyson: “You’re saying that, your attempt to understand the fundamental operations of nature, leads you to a set of equations that are indistinguishable from the equations that drive search engines and browsers on our computers?”

Dr. James Gates Jr: “Yes, that is correct, so.”
Neil Degrasse Tyson:” Wait, Wait, I have to……. So you’re saying as you dig deeper you find, computer code, written in the fabric of the cosmos?”

Dr. James Gates Jr: “Into the equations that we use to describe the cosmos yes.”

Coincidently if we remember, on the 1st May 2011, the celestial Isaac Asimov became my guide into physics and String Theory via his words: “You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

At the time Dr. Gates and team suggested that we are a simulation. We live in The Matrix of sorts, exactly what their thoughts are now I can’t say. But I do know they have been looking at String Theory and Simulations of our sentience within the Universe and Multiverse for a long time. I’m absolutely certain their work will be extremely valuable to S-World UCS Voyager simulations. For all that is QuESC and The PQS there was one part missing, and that was the code. Now we know what the source code is it makes it possible to use the actual mathematics of String Theory within the PQS and all that the network will be.

We shall revisit this consideration in the closing pages of this chapter.

Chapter 14: Special Projects

Integrated and entangled within S-World UCS Voyager Simulations come Special Projects. We have seen briefly glimpsed African Rain, alongside which a number of causes are already identified. Journeying into Space, Creating ecosystems underground, protection mechanisms from asteroids, even a gigantic lid and trench around the Yellowstone Super Volcano is considered. Where there is a treat, there is a Special Project.

The general nature of Special Projects is in that they are incredibly expensive operations. Whilst that may initially seem extravagant, in the long term they become essential. As the only non ELE (Extinction Level Event) threat to quantum economics is a lack of tasks that need to be performed.

Chapter 15: S-World Income

A chapter that explores every inch of profitability that S-World could generate

Chapter 16: The PQS

Financial Forecasting & Investment Details alongside a closing summation.
Ok so its time to get back to this final solo chapter “Strings of Life” which is more a collection of summaries than a chapter.

One had best be prepared for the unexpected

2. Commitments, Dividends, Profit Share and Angel POP

The BABY POP spreadsheet demonstrates how an Anchor Network generating $800 Million in profit per year creates a string of 16 resort networks and solves the US Economic, Health & Fossil Fuel problems. However, PQS forecasts for Anchor Networks are far higher, as such there is significantly more to consider.

Technically to be as true to finite mathematics and the POP principle the first $1Billion in profit should be used as in internal economic stimulus, paid out in resort network credits. To a certain extent from a network perspective it matters little who it goes to, as like a boomerang it comes straight back. There are strong arguments that this is exactly how it should be. As the Profit vs. Revenue principle dictates the additional $1Billlion in revenue generated leads to an additional $600 million dollars in profit and so builds a stronger foundation.

However just like BABY POP used the POP principle to kick-start the POP process in its own string, the Angel POP process can also have great benefit on the global economy. And there are equally strong arguments that strengthening the global economy will be the faster way to grow the network. Fortunately S-World UCS will run many scenarios long in advance of having to make such choices. Alongside which I strongly believe when the equations and considerations of String Theory are added, certain paths will be illuminated. For now I’ve created one possible path as illustrated to our right. After Baby POP, $200Million is used as stimulus, dividends to owners and profit share for operation centre employees. This takes us to the magic $1Billion Stable Network position. Note for simplicity we call this sector POP1, then when a network is generating over $2 Billion POP2 and so on.

First in POP 1 we see $250 Million to Sports, Media and the Arts. Which in terms of economic stimulus, when all is said and done, becomes a profitable endeavor. This allocation is an important ingredient to S-World VSN, S-World UCS and EEE scoring. Alongside gaining a critical mass market share for Smart TV e-commerce, general e-commerce and in general achieving Network supremacy in all sectors. Following Sports, Media and the Arts we see the balance of funds needed for Alternate Energy commitments. After the first Angel POP investment some more stimulus dividends are allocated and some extra operational money is considered. Lastly, after the second wave of Angel POP investment, a stimulus to users of S-World UCS is considered alongside an allocation to the owners of the properties in the networks. So further increasing the “Location, Location, Location” principle.

Angel POP: The most important factor of Angel POP is that globally once a resort network is stable (is generating over $1Billlion in profit per year), others cannot invest in it. We will come back to this. For now, please have a read of the 8 different methods of Angel POP investment, save Special Projects. They are in no particular order. Often the choice of a number of options will be available to business owners. More often still scenarios will have been run via UCS and deals will have been made, long before a choice is imposed. The various options such as Satellite Strings and Super Strings are explained during this chapter.


3. The Global Network

To our right we see the global picture 32,768 individual networks split into 8 sub sectors, two sub sectors covering the USA. A quick recap on the US timescale, BABY POP sees 256 parent resort networks due for launch in 2014. Each creating a league or string of 16 by 2036 alongside a second phase of 256 parent networks two years later. Which in total creates 8,192 networks operational by 2038.

There are 4 main factors when considering the network globally: current GDP output, usable land mass, geography and population. As an ecological solution the network primarily considerers land mass over population.
In 2011 the world used 13,078 Mtoe (Million tones of oil equivalent): China 2,648, USA 2,225, India 759, Russia 725, Japan 469 and Germany 317. Current estimates predict BABY POP will create of around 7,000 Mtoe within the Global Network, with Satellite Networks adding a further 3,000. The second wave of spending posited at $1.25 Billion for each Network will create a further 10,000. In total the Network is primed to generate in the region of 20,000 Mtoe from green sources by 2050. This is before any additional voluntary investments, additional technological advances or Special Project directives.

Removing fossil fuel usage alone will not rebalance global warming, it will slow it considerably. But to rebalance the planet needs more oxygen, and further photosynthesis and so more plants. This is tackled in three ways. Firstly, there is the rule that each resort network needs to produce more oxygen than it did before development. Secondly is the purchasing and protecting of woodland and rain forests across the globe. And thirdly comes the Special Projects designed to turn targeted deserts into rainforests alongside other initiatives.

World Health: Via BABY POP within all US networks 1.6 Billion bed nights are made available each year with a nursing and doctoring level higher than is generally found. Take away the luxury service and move to standard and this figure doubles to 3.2 Billion. Take into consideration salaries lowered both via Network trained staff and cost of living adjustments in poorer countries and the figure doubles again to 6.4 Billion. Consider 4 global cubes assigned to poorer countries compared to the 2 in the USA generating 12.8 Billion hospital bed nights servicing a population of around 4 Billion. Of which half would be entitled to the equivalent of Medicare or Medicaid. So offering 6 bed nights per vulnerable person per year, plus pharmaceuticals.

The Poverty Line gets addressed by the fundamental economics of the network, lots of well paid jobs and plenty of tax receipts for governments. Education is catered for not only at the universities and schools in the networks but online via the S-World UCS training. At the end of the day for the have-lessees in the world it all comes down to the success of the network within their area, which brings us back to: “Possibly the most important factor globally is that once a resort network is stable, others can not invest in it.”


4. The Angel POP Principle

We shall be looking at Satellite Networks and Supper String Networks shortly, the Angel POP principle effects both. Below we see the Continental Cube Network a 32,768-dimensional global network. Each dimension representing a resort network or a network that has integrated itself into an existing city.

At the bottom we see our time slider hovering over 2050, indicating that is the time the Continental Cube Network is expected to be complete, with all sectors in POP 1. In pure finite mathematics terms unless a sector is in POP1 it can not be counted or displayed as macro finite mathematics only counts stable blocks. And to be stable a network must generate over $1 Billion in profit within a year.


Before detailing the road to the completion of the Continental Cube Network, we need to quickly look at what this is telling us in terms of global GDP. This cube is telling us that each sector is in POP 1 generating over $1 Billion in profit each year, so looking at over $32 Trillion in profit. However, in reality many sectors will be high in POP1 and a good number in POP 2, POP 3, or higher. Therefore, a figure closer to $60 Trillion is closer.
If we consider that in today’s world of Macro and Micro economics with our Fortune 500 companies making an average 7.5 cents in profit for every dollar. Generating this amount of profit would require a GDP in excess of $500 Trillion compared to today’s $70 Trillion. So indicating either an impossible target or runaway inflation.

However, as quantum economics works primarily on quantum scoring (achieving a high Profit vs. Revenue ratio) with 60% profit expected come 2018 and 80% come 2050, if profit circles once a year, our cube equates to a Global GDP of around $70 Trillion. Plus, Satellite and Super String Networks adding maybe half as much again.

So far from run away inflation, indeed quite the opposite, a hyper efficient version of the current flow of money through our planet. One factor that will make an additional impact is “spin” or “rotation.” this equation NT x QS x R/Y >+100% stating that the Network Turnover x Quantum Score (Profit vs. Revenue Ratio) multiplied by the R/Y Capital Rotations in a Year needs to equal over 100% for growth. Assuming the network is the total, there is no more outside old economics money to suck up. We look at this in more detail in a few pages time within the Quantum Force Theory description.

Initial Investment is detailed in the concluding chapter of American Butterfly. For now, a loose breakdown is presented: 256 first phase resort developments in the USA requiring $1 Billion each in 2014 = $256 Billion. This figure is broken down into sectors: Essential partners (15%), Big Business USA (20%), Small Local Businesses (40%), USA Government (5%), and Big Business Global 20%.

Staying with our Fortune 500 and other USA Big Businesses, 20% of $256 Billion is $51 Billion; currently USA big businesses are collectively sitting on over $2 Trillion. This means that for every $1 USA big business has in the bank on average they can only invest 5 cents, so severely restricting supply and increasing demand. Each investment sees a capital asset worth double its investment cost. Then over time this investment creates a significant stake in all 16 resort networks within its string, as well as creating assets and stakes in networks across the globe.

All told USA networks will be heavily oversubscribed, so creating demand for all international networks. For each US network cube there are three global network cubes and whilst it’s fair to say due to local community revenue spending networks in Western and other affluent countries will see faster progress, the make up of Angel POP dictates all networks will eventually become stable. All will generate over $1Billion a year in profit.

The simplest way to consider this would be to consider the last 10% of global networks that are not generating $1Billion a year. Come 2050 we are expecting the global network cube to be complete generating around $60 Trillion, 90% of this equals $54 Trillion. This brings us back to: “Possibly the most important factor globally is that once a resort network is stable, others can not invest in it.”

This being so (save Satellite and Super String Networks, which in effect will only increase the yield) at a 50/50 Internal Stimulus vs. POP investment policy, $27 Trillion will be invested into the remaining 3277 continental networks. Each of the remaining Sub POP1 networks will receive close to $8 Billion a year to invest in their Networks. Alongside purchase of resources, minerals, oil wells and other assets that will lift their individual profit over $1 Billion a year, completing the global network within 12 to 18 months.

This is called Angel POP. We saw how the POP principle shows at its most basic level the concept of 2 networks joining forces to grow a third. Then BABY POP seeing 15 lightly investing networks creating an Open String Network and the powerful 16th “Boat.” Now in Angel POP we see how thirty odd thousand networks combine to finish the last 10% in record time.

Rewinding the mathematics back a little will see the last 30% of the Congenital Cube Network within a handful of years. In truth from a pure mathematics point of view 2050 is a soft target. Scenarios may see 10 years knocked off, particularly if the R is increased in the Quantum Force Principal (NT X QS x R/Y >+100%) $54T x 80% x 3 = $129 Trillion.

In which case at a 75% Internal Stimulus and Opp’s budget and 25% Angel POP stimulus, $32.35 Trillion will be invested, finishing the network even faster.

Let’s have a quick look at the math here as it’s a good example. So the basic equation is (NT X QS x R/Y >+100%) Network Turnover x the Networks Quantum Score x Rotations of Capital in a year must equal over 100%.

In this particular 2050 Quantum Probability it is expected that the old economy has all but vanished, and cash is no longer used. This being so the Continental Cube Network Turnover would be solely the profit made by the Network, which we estimated at $54 Trillion. From here we apply the Quantum Score which with no cash and most of the world immersed in the network would be at 98% maybe 99% minus tax, taxed at 18% or 19% making a 80% Quantum Score.

If we just stopped there, despite the 80% Quantum Score, (remember currently the Fortune 500 are at 7.5%) despite the 80% score one still makes a loss with $54T x 80% = $43.2T. This is why we need the spin, as if the $43.2T was spent in the same year it would generate a further $34.56T, another rotation adds $27.65T. In total generating $54T + $35T + $27T = $105T, the spin having an enormous effect.

One can speed up spin by putting a time limit on the spending of network credits. And again we see just how important the economic stimulus. Not only does it inject money into each network it has the ability to speed up the finical rotation. However, too much of a good thing is not always the best in long term results. So due diligence will be paid to the law of diminishing returns. It may be best to leave the farms fallow from time to time.

With the global investment community and indeed the global population assured that it matters little where a network is, as it will eventually become lucrative, global investment into less affluent countries becomes a worth while endeavor from the word go. With all Anchors equating to proverbial cash cows. There will be no mystery to this as by the time in comes to investment in third world countries S-World UCS will have plotted progress, successes and failures well in advance.

5. Mathematical Simplicity & Super Symmetry

To understand the equations of String Theory and Super Symmetry one first needs to be an accomplished mathematician. Following which, one is required to take an undergraduate degree in Classical Physics. On top of that one needs competency in General Relativity & Quantum Field Theory.

So it will be a while before I can look at and incorporate String Theory equations within American Butterfly. Indeed, with much to do on many fronts, I may never get there. Fortunately, there are many who have the competency and we have many Universities and Research facilities planned.

Right now besides gut instincts, observations and high order coincidences I can not make a mathematical connection. Yes, we are building the entire network from the ground up with open string networks and we will soon see the creations of closed strings networks all over the place. Alongside this if we really had to take one part of American Butterfly and give it a crown it would have to be S-World VSN and S-World UCS, the virtual simulations which marry perfectly with Dr James Gates Super Symmetrical Computer Code. I guess we need to include the design for QuESC as it was specifically influenced by Super Symmetry. And of course there is the founding principle of Asimov’s ”Psychohistory” re “moving the masses in a direction that is desired, and shaping the future.” Which was brought into American Butterfly via a conversation on String Theory.

All told the global network is decidedly stringy. And as such it’s highly likely that the equations of String Theory will greatly add to the design. For now, however, rather than to look into the equations of String Theory with the network, maybe we can look at applying the Compatible Finite Mathematics of American Butterfly to String Theory.
In his 2006 Stanford Lectures on Quantum Entanglements Leonard Susskind, one of the founders of String Theory says, “we are always willing to tolerate certain approximations.” This is not allowed in Compatible Finite Mathematics. And so, from a real layman’s opinion if one were to chuck out all String Theory equations that worked on approximations, we would have a kind of Super, Super Symmetry.

Maybe, maybe not. I think what I’m really looking for is String Theory or Quantum Mechanics, or even General Relativity that will compliment the cubed nature of the network structure.

The make up of the global cube is designed to be as simple as possible. So making it possible not just for large government budgetary groups to get a handle on the world economy but for everyone to be able to easily understand global economics. Indeed, the goal is to make it so. So an average 12-year-old child could successfully run the global economy. This is as it should be, as the principle of finite mathematics is at its heart simplicity, the simplest way to count creates the least resistance. Super, Super, Super, Super Symmetry. And remember we are not making a copy of our universal laws, rather a best of Multiverse possibilities. A perfect Universe, or at least the simplest Universe.

If come 2050 we achieve Angel POP. Only to find that the following year 1000 individual networks slipped backwards and generated less than $1 Billion. Within the global cube said 1000 networks would no longer be visible, difficult to see within the whole cube. But reverse the scenario and only show the unstable cubes and our 12-year-old child should have the wherewithal to say, divert POP investment to the unstable cubes, so rectifying the problem. Or simply feed the pink cubes!

For more in depth analysis the 32,768 Network Global Cube is sub divided twice, first into 8 Continental Network Cubes. After which each Continental Cube Network is sub divided into 8 Master Networks as seen below.
Within the Master Network cube 512 individual networks are displayed. Each network’s size and color specific to its annual profit and POP status (POP1, POP2, POP3).

The Master Network displays 64 (8 x 8) networks from the front and on all sides and is 8 layers deep. Hence containing (8 x 8 x 8 =) 512 individual networks.


Below we see a 2-dimensional representation of a Master Cube Network cube displaying 64 individual networks. And immediately we can see trouble spots, areas of exceptional growth and all that lies in between. To get a clearer view of the specific network or POP types one would click to only display what one wished to assess.


At first in relation to the full image on the left and then the concept of displaying this in 3D, one may not immediately use the word simplicity. Our 12-year-old may be out of his/her depth. However, display it as it is designed to be, within a hologram or simulated hologram where one can reach inside. Wave away unwanted cubes and pick out individual cubes to reference. And the fun level alone puts our 12-year-old back in businesses. Particularly if he has played with the 8 cube network building block toy from the age of two.

Following the 3 click rule for web design where any page should be accessible via 3 clicks, the master network system sees the global economy broken down into 2 clicks and one grab. Finite Mathematics making what was once extremely complex economic accounting simple, fun and available to everyone.

The system goes further, once at an individual network 8 individual business sectors known as “Blocks” are presented. Inside each Block, like “Master Networks,” a 512 sector grab cube presents itself. One can look at it as a whole, or choose an individual business sector to see staff, inventory, financial or other information. Therefore we go from the Global economy to each individual staff member’s performance or business inventory in 3 clicks and 2 grabs.

Grab technology for the masses is in principle very simple. The Nintendo Wii via motion sensors already allows one to play tennis and golf in their living rooms. The same technology can be used to navigate one’s hand through the cube. Further it will become central to the S-World VSN Smart TV operating environment. People choosing programs with their fingers, choosing locations. Even navigation through facebook proper could be achieved. All one needs are a couple of motion sensors built into the front of the TV set.

Of course organizing everything by subdivided cubed networks is not always the most practical way to display data. Below we see a snapshot of how Anchor Networks in Florida may be performing come 2018.
To look at how the PQS would expect the individual networks to grow one would simply slide the slider to the year one wished to look at.


Simplicity from complexity. As indeed whilst the two words sound like opposites that is far from the case, from the complexity of each individual snowflake to the complexity of the global economy and the effect it has on all on all whom inhabit this earth. Only the simplest of systems can effectively manage the vast complexity of our planet. And the simplest of systems needs to be constructed around the principles of finite mathematic

6. Satellite String Networks

Satellite String Networks or more to the point the strength behind Satellite Networks sees for the first time a direct influence from String Theory. Yes, we call the original networks in the USA Open String Networks, but this was an afterthought, originally they were simply Network Leagues.

For those who played with hacking Google and friends at the begging of the century, from a certain perspective the principle we will be applying from String Theory is similar to Michel Campbell’s “Revenge of the Mininet.” Before getting into the technical detail an overview of what a Satellite String Network is, the logistics of why they are needed is required.

Satellite Networks serve practice and logistical purposes alongside adding strength to the network. We shall first look at logistics and practicalities with regard to the two continental cubes assigned to the USA. Two cubes in terms of GDP is close to accurate, the USA currently generating 21% of GDP whilst having 25% of network volume. The 4% easily made up due to the USA having many of the essential partner businesses particularly in technology and pharmaceuticals.

However, in terms of land mass the USA accounts for only 2% of the globe. As such to qualify for 2 continental networks we really need to include Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. Politically it may well be possible for the USA to make agreement with Canada regarding the set up of the network. However, attempting to make agreements with Mexico and Central America will take to long.

The process can not get bogged down and slowed by the politics. The general principle being once the USA have accepted the network, the rest of the world will follow very quickly. Political expediency brushed away by the logical desire not to fall behind.

So out of the need for simplicity the USA will be offered sole custody of the two North American continental network cubes. This is the way the network has been set up and reflects the 6,000 square miles per network string catchment area as described throughout American Butterfly.

To connect the USA to Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands we use Satellite Networks. There are two types of Satellite Networks: Continental Connecting Satellite Networks which are bound to a Continental Network and eight Independent Satellite Networks.

First we will look at Continental Connecting Satellite Networks. (CCSN)

To our right we see the make up of a CCSN. Where eight network strings in Florida each inject Angel POP II investment directed to eight separate new resort networks in Mexico and Central America. Over time this investment will be considerable as all 16 resort networks within their string invest collectively into their designated CCSN.
Middle left we see eight new networks created in this fashion, so creating a “Closed Loop” Satellite String. The green arrows represent the new networks internal POP Process, as Honduras invests in Belize and so on. The difference between this POP model and the standard BABY POP model is that it is continuous, there is no end or beginning. When the circle is complete Nicaragua invests into Honduras, and so it continues.

This circular internal investment creates oscillation and strength. The stronger the Florida Networks become, the greater the investment into all the Central American Networks and so the strength increases and so does the oscillation. Should one network stall (make a loss), it is immediately jump-started by both its Satellite Network String alongside the various cash injections made from continental USA. The string becomes an engine with many cylinders and pistons pumping and injecting cash within the circular motion.

Below we zoom into the Honduras Network (Note: for ease of representation the Palm Beach > Honduras Satellite Network is shown taking up the whole country. In reality with 512 separate USA Strings from the USA investing in Satellite Networks there would be closer to eight individual Networks in Honduras, spread proportionally). Besides, the illustrated Honduras Network seeing its POP investment go to Belize, it also invests in its own “Super String” Network, consisting of 8 smaller networks with a POP of $125 Million. The white arrows indicative of the Honduras Networks ability to choose the investment path.

This is where the model takes on the characteristics of String Theory proper. As the Super String Network like the elementary particles vibrates around their parent network, the super string receives profit from its provider. But its provider is not a part of the string.

Once the Super String is formed the profit travels one level deeper using the same technique. This time each Super String network alongside investing in internal adjacent string partner also investing into its own substring or as it is labeled a “Quantum String Network.” Micro networks with a POP of just $15.625 Million, and here we are really looking at bolstering or creating small villages. Again the Quantum String is not connected to its parent provider, this time the only investment possible is into its own string (league). The POP process dictating that any Quantum Network that makes over $15.625 Million in profit needs to be invested into another Quantum Network in its string, until the entire string reaches its $250 Million POP limit.

At this point the POP limit for the entire string is doubled to $500 Million. This doubling occurs one more time until it reaches $1 Billion and it becomes a stable network proper. And so following the finite mathematics of The Mandelbrot Set Fractal. Starting as a continental network string the string turns into a micro version of itself within the first the Satellite Network. Then creates the Super Sting, then generates the Quantum String only to reinvent itself as a Stable POP1 network with a near identical structure as its original creator.


Regarding classic Sting Theory and Super Symmetry, the work presented is not saying this is exactly how it works at a subatomic level, which would be introducing facts not in evidence. However, within the confines of compatible and maybe even pure finite mathematics, and using the concept of String Theory as the fundamental building blocks of the network; it creates an excellent growth and sustainability model.

The Super String and Quantum String growth formats, which act as outreach platform for any Network into its local community building mini developments and retrial outlets and attractions, will of course be a useful addition to any Continental Network. And will be applied where it is deemed appropriate.

This will of course increase the continental cubes overall POP limit above $8,192 Trillion, and so increase GDP. The time of these events like many other factors to be worked out by running S-World UCS quantum time simulations (described shortly).

In many ways we see Angel POP II (Connecting Continental Satellite Network investment) as a philanthropic investment. As it would often come from a wealthier country to a less wealthy. Usually it may be considered not necessarily a bad investment, rather a potentially risky investment both politically and culturally. The framework of the network takes away many political boundaries and the Super & Quantum String method makes for an excellent investment return. The bottom line from a philanthropic perspective is jobs, green power, and medical facilities will spread quickly to those who currently have littler hope for any kind of westernized life within their lifetime.

7. Tuning Theory

No one knows how the Strings in String Theory get their energy. If we remember, back to our Ocean Wave example I pondered the dislodging of atoms in the big rock. Which is in essence the manifestation of one particle to another. Tuning Theory as illustrated to our right considers the energizing and further energizing of strings until they change from one state to another.

Reverse engineered from the Network Design concepts “Network Strings,” “Super Strings,” and Quantum Strings.”
1. Initially a Baby String is formed via dimensional energy. Possibly from another universe or maybe from a black hole. Maybe in the form of a Graviton or any other “energizing factors” mentioned. This baby string has 4 energizers, much like four US Networks in the Palm Beach String that provide Angel POP to Honduras. As such the tuning force is 4.

2. As the strings energy builds it grows and strengthens its energy stored as vibrations, shakes and spins and now with 4 dimensional energizers. Plus, a stored spin of 3 and a shake of 4 its Tuning Force is 48.
3. The process continues until the string has enough of a Tuning Force to create a Quark. Once again putting the Cute into String Theory.


8. Independent Satellite Networks

Independent Satellite Networks have more freedom in Angel POP investment direction than other Networks. They can connect and make strings with any Continental Network. They can start their own leagues and create Super and Quantum Strings. Often we may find Continental Networks using independent satellite networks to connect to other continental networks or back to their own continental network or even back to their own league.



The United Kingdom, Japan, and Dubai are obvious choices for Independent Satellite Networks as they are already considered international trading posts.

New Sparta, in Laconia, Southern Greece is put forward as the forth Independent Satellite Network whilst staying connected to Greece’s position within the European Continental Network. This is unique, effectively making New Sparta the capital city of the Global Network.

For now consideration needs to be put into where the remaining 4 independent Satellite Networks will be situated. Alongside consideration of where the 8 Network Cities (capitals) for the 8 Continental Networks will be situated.
For this we go back to basics and consider “The Spartan Theory,” first some details on New Sparta City of Science.

9. New Sparta – Global Network Capital


In the previous chapter “To Infinity and Back Again” we took a brief look at the second chapter of The Spartan Theory. “Sparta Rises Again,” where we saw some initial concepts that create American Butterfly taking shape. Including New Sparta City of Science and Network City in Laconia Greece. The home of ancient Sparta which still exists today with a population of around 12,000 people, found where you see the “e” in Network.

The solid hues of blue and purple may cast an incorrect picture. If New Sparta became like all Resort Networks, New Sparta will need to be an improvement of current oxygen omissions. Indeed, this was part of the reason for the previously mentioned solar powered desalinization project aimed at turning chunks of the arid land into botanical gardens and rain forests.

Network City
Starting first with the Network City which is a signature of an Independent Satellite Network, or a Continental Network capital, excluding mountainous areas and current settlements; there is about 300 square miles of usable land. This will be divided into 256 semi-even plots. All of which will see 125 Meters of woodlands around their periphery. So journeying from one Network to enough will always see a 250M woodland journey. Properly planned in S-World VSN entangling the rivers and mountains, no one person within the City will be more than 500 meters away from extensive nature experiences. Improving the “Location, Location, Location” factor and creating an excellent environment for living, particularly for our children.

Each of the plots will be assigned to a country or group. There are 196 officially recognized countries and a number of groups that wish a home of sorts, or at least recognition. To name two less fractious groups we can consider the Basques and the Kurds. Added to the mix will be certain economic powerhouse intercountry States or Cities such as California and Hong Kong.

Inside each sector a quarter of the land will be used to create an embassy. A quarter as parkland and the balance used to create a micro resort network, preferably reflecting the cultural identity of the inhabitants.
Network Cities serve two purposes. Economically they become a haven for trade and intercountry business cooperation alongside improved political diplomacy in general.

New Sparta City of Science
The map to our right is over a year old, a classic still fit for purpose. It illustrates a Science City, a collection of 16 separate networks, specializing in different industries and sciences. But working as one cross pollinating ideas and innovations. The consideration for this approach was aided by an article I read at the time by Lee Chazen entitled “Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government.”

“Imaginary lines have existed over the centuries, making sure to keep scientists, artists, writers, mathematicians, physicists, educators, etc. in separate departments. Like spokes emanating from a hub, they go in their separate directions. As they go down the spoke, their ideas, rather than coming together, spread further apart. So what if we were to bring people back to the “hub” at least momentarily in order to solve some serious problems. To do this, we ought to at least have a better understanding of chaos and complexity theories.”

A significant influence not just to New Sparta but the entirety of all my work. Culminating in many Special Projects designed above all other considerations to protect our complexity.
New Sparta Euro Zone “Quick Fix”

New Sparta becomes the immediate Eurozone and indeed Global economic fix. As soon as Facebook and their technology friends alongside the USA government approve the network, it is all systems go. The corporate world wishing to keep up with the technology companies. The rest of the political world wishing to keep up with the USA. A phenomenon called “The Pressure of Participation.”


As the Global Network Capital Greece will see much interest. However, it is the “Sparta Rises Again” global economic recovery plan, the second book of the Spartan Theory and the discovery of the Butterfly Effect that will create a kind of mystic aura around New Sparta identified as…

10. Special Project: Gliese Galactica

You may notice that if you look carefully at the industries that they all lead to the creation of an advanced space programme. Most innovative at the time was Robotic Mining as Galactica would need possibly a mile of compartmentalized hull shielding to protect against asteroid hits. Presuming 100 or so nuclear engines plus a form of magnetic propulsion on the hull could get us to 0.3 or above the speed of light, and of course the little matter of “sorting out the gravity.” So for my part I thought we needed to cut space rock from the moon to line the hull of our complexity. Ark bound for our closest habitable planet Gliese (20 Light Years).

Ironically, Robotic Mining is still possibly the most useful but for totally different reasons. The Middle Earth Special Project links directly to Gliese Galactica as the way to live on the planet even if there is no suitable atmosphere.

Special Projects are written into the fabric of our future Voyager projections, it will happen. And it will be marveled upon and so will the founding city where of course many a ship will be launched.
So New Sparta will be of interest to all.

And we already know of the plan for a referendum on compulsory usage of the software within 4 years leads to enough tax revenue to balance their books. Where after increased revenue comes from applying the NT X QS x R/Y >+100% & M⇔Bst Quantum Economic Principles.

Investment will be rife. And alongside New Sparta will be created an American Butterfly Networks String across Greece. All are founded at the same time, all due to create New Strings, all Anchors. But instead of local investment they make strings in all direction. Europe, Middle East, East, Near East, Africa, and some entangled strings in the US and Australia.

The Strings of Life and Our Complexity

Getting into New Sparta and any of the 16 Anchors will be desired more than many USA networks. As the supply and demand see 32 Networks vs. 256 creating interest that will flow into Greece proper and so we are primed to let that Butterfly Free. As Greece does not default, the banks do not trouble the countries which do not affect all their citizens. A negative butterfly effect has turned into a positive, a far more organized affair.
Soon the flow of money from Greece spreads out across the world, for the best part to those that are of most need. Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Ireland if stabilized would be enough for complete Euro Confidence. Then we have Arica and the East, lots to do.

Most fitting to Histories

To qualify to be the Global Network Capital, Greece will need to put their government’s financial dealings under the guidance of the Network software in the form of SIENNA.Gov. This will be not be a problem as the Greek citizens are highly upset with the corruption and lack of transparency within their past government that lead to their current crisis. The idea of Greek citizens seeing their government’s tax yields and spending via grab technology would most likely score a 99% majority in a government referendum.

Greece is the home and the founder of economics and indeed few would argue the Western world as we see it today. As such Greece has historical claim to be the home for quantum economics. Greece’s position directly at the edge of Europe, Africa, Asia & the Middle East is logistically perfect.

Lastly with but 11 Million people in a country, Greece is in a unique position to quickly satisfy its own peoples needs and be in a position to assist its neighbors, be it North, East, South or West.

11. The Spartan Theory

One would be forgiven for thinking “The Spartan Theory” acquired its name in part from New Sparta. However, this would be incorrect, indeed the opposite is so. The Spartan Theory came first and its name inspired examination of Laconia for a Network base.
When describing The Spartan Theory one could foreseeable spend eternity doing so. So we shall just explore three key points.
1. What is The Spartan Theory?
2. How did it get its name?
3. How does our science and technology assist the process?

1. What is The Spartan Theory?
The Spartan Theory is all that I have written since the 4th April 2011 starting with “The Sienna Project.” General notes are found on At the moment The Spartan Theory is in three parts.
S-World: Started on the 4th April 2011 with The Sienna Project. Bolstered on May 1st with the introduction to Asimov’s “Shape the future Psychohistory” incorporating various components including S-World VSN, S-World.Biz, Facebook Gifts, and Facebook Travel. A basic mechanism to adapt to all industries and a light consideration of the Butterfly Effect M⇔Bst circular events principle.

Sparta Risks Again: Started 24th August 2011 with the creation of New Sparta and the Greek and Eurozone Network Enabled Economic Initiate “EEE The Economy for the next 14 Billion years.” Focusing on the intricacies of Property Development and Urban Planning. Introducing the calming of Chaos Theory, the organized creation of positive The Butterfly Effect, the discovery of the POP investment principle and a light introduction to Quantum Mechanics.
American Butterfly: Started on the 1st January 2012 where 5 months of logistical planning finally lead to the Baby POP principle and the beginning of the current draught of American Butterfly.

2 How did The Spartan Theory get its name?
The Spartan Theory was written on the 8th April 2011 as the 11th point to the “work in progress” economic network summary inspired by The Sienna Project entitled: “The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy.” The Spartan Theory suggested that inclusion of the network in unstable countries could be all that is needed to stabilize a nation.

Initially considered for Zimbabwe but at the time of writing specific to Libya, both could still benefit. However, the solution could offer hope and stability to many other nations and indeed groups.
The network promotes a two voice system. Be that two political parties or a political party and a board and chairman independent from the government.

In the USA for instance, it would seem appropriate for whichever party that loses the next election to elect the chairman for the network within the USA. In the USA with 16 Master Networks there would be a board of 16 made up of the CEO’s of the Master Networks. The chairman has only one exclusive power, being the ability to cast a vote in the case of a split decision. However the chairman is the chairman and as in both business and politics, it’s in everyone’s interest to stay on the right side of the boss, so a powerful voice within the network.

Each time there is a political election the runner-up elects a new chairman for the network. This chairman would need to stand down from any official political position during his or her tenure. As US Network chairperson their allegiance to their political party is in ideology and history only.

This action, the opposition electing the chairman of the network, at first may seem unnecessary. And to a degree in the USA maybe it is. But only by leading by example can one expect others to follow, this is the point of the exercise. And whilst it may make little difference in the USA I can’t see it doing any harm, so long as the government “in power” does not look to deliberately impede network progress due to the chairman.

If we look at China, this two voice system would work very well. By far China’s biggest economic trouble lies with the newly rich Chinese wishing to leave China. This is due to concerns that the government may make new policy and reclaim their wealth. The irony is the only economic reason the Chinese government would take such a step was if all China’s newly wealthy were moving to the USA taking their wealth with them. Its happening and a lot of people are talking about it, so the exodus gets worse and the economic justification gains strength.

Bringing the network to China under the corporate leadership of the new Chinese elite brings stability and eases the above mentioned problem. Creating hundreds of “Location, Location, Location” optimized new resort network in China. Also creates many great new places for the newly wealthy to live in a more ecologically fun business environment.
After which the general idea of the Chinese elite moving to their new resort networks increases the revenue for the resort networks, so everybody wins. Elitism yes, but a lot better than the rich leaving and so forcing China’s only reaction.

Egypt has done well since the election. But still the country is very divided over who they wish is in charge, and that situation is not going away. The new opposition goes by the popular name of The Military Council. For the sake of a simple solution, The Military Council nominates 4 candidates as their representative. Citizens vote for the new Network Chairman and the tensions lessen as all are to a degree represented.

In the same way taking away the USA long term medical liabilities will justifiably give the US government and business perfect right to feel confident in their future. Having a two party political system, even if one party is simply a group of wealthy businessmen, increases confidence.

The network is not an asset that can be taken by force. Yes, it has assets but the main asset is POP cash injections which will of course stop if the network is interfered with.

From a Western media point of view few would disagree that Syria aside two most fractious relationships are North Korea and Iran. The prospect of not only network inclusion but even the possibility of becoming either an Independent Satellite Network or hosting a Network City (Continental Network Capital) is a far more effective carrot to entice a two party system than simply saying “we have it so you should have it.” At the end of the day their leaders lead as they feel is best for their people. The network is best for their people and joining the network will make history.

People will say “It’s not as simple as that,” and of course its not. It is one of the most complex dilemmas/situations on this planet.
However, as such, only the simplest solution can be effective. When one has significant power all there is left to achieve is the glory of being remembered in history, and gaining the respect love and fellowship of all the citizens.

3. How does our Science and Technology assist the process?
To answer this we need only to look at advanced circular events within our S-World UCS future simulations. Programmed into the future simulations will be solutions to current problems. This is of course a book in itself. I have considered many initiatives that will assist. Albeit now is not the time to share, other than to say I will personally be involved in this process.

Specifics aside let’s look at the basics. For every fractious relationship there are at least two sides, often more. However, often it takes but a few concessions to start to shift a negative Butterfly Effect towards a positive. First to program S-World UCS future simulations, we need to work out what all parties want. If we look at Iran for instance the biggest fractious issue is their nuclear program. The Spartan Theory is strongly against all nuclear programs with the exception of items used outside of our atmosphere.

Iran does not need either a nuclear weapon or nuclear power, but stopping their programs is potentially politically toxic. So a meeting with those in power takes place and in general a wish list of future events is discussed. Mainly economical specifically in the creation of network resorts and possibly a Network City. Desalinization projects in general making Iran look like a really wonderful place to visit come our next decade. All is programmed into S-World VSN and UCS so that the Iranian leaders can show their people what they have negotiated for them. Their people love the new Iran and want their leaders to “make it so.”

Obviously the network is not going to sanction any Angel POP investment until the issue of nuclear weapons or in some cases just weapons is addressed. However, as the leaders initiated this plan and their citizens can see a far brighter future on S-World VSN & UCS, as the citizens approve their leaders plans they also approve backing down from nuclear technology. Thus abandoning nuclear technology becomes politically positive.

At the same time, the same conversation will be happening with a dozen other countries and fractions across the world. And here we are once again looking at the Power of Participation principle as the first country to come to a position that NATO respects. Alongside acceptance of the two party nature of the Network sees immediate and massive investment from the Special Projects Angel POP. I personally will make it my mission to very quickly make that country “desired.” With one country seen by the world as benefiting profusely, the more others will wish to have what they have. But unlike the recent attempts to topple the leaders, it will be via the leaders’ initiatives, thus applying a peaceful solution. As mentioned earlier there is considerably more to this particularly in circular events, but this is the basic principle.

As for the science in a way we are looking at another Theory of Everything. One based on our current search to unify the forces where String Theory is there to calm the jitters between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. S-World UCS future simulations and Angel POP doing the exact same thing, calming the jitters of the global economic revolution

If we look back at The Spartan Theory proper, it was desired for Libya to give up all weapons and in exchange receive NATO protection. Personally I still see this as an excellent idea. Let’s have a look at the original Spartan Theory, the final point in “The Ecological Experience Economy” 8th April 2011, as influenced by The Sienna Project.

11. The Spartan Theory.
In exchange for guaranteed NATO Protection, Libya destroys all weapons. 
Sienna’s companies fund compulsory education for 16 to 21-year-olds.
Education is geared towards environmental awareness and physics. 

All students are rigorously tough martial artists.

If it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight hand to hand.
So much has been reverse engendered from these forty-nine words. The Spartan Theory introduced the network resort land development concepts, education, and the universities. It was the first mention or consideration of physics or any form of science and it was the first mention of ecology. Indeed, The Spartan Theory put the first E in “EEE” (Ecological Experience Economy). Last but far from least it suggests a way to peace.

12. Quantum Force Theory

This article on Quantum Force Theory brings us full circle, back to the introduction of American Butterfly Part 1, Quantum Economics, and The Theory of Every Business.

Quantum Force Theory was the influence that dictated the critical Profit vs. Revenue approach to American Butterfly and our (NT X QS x R/Y >+100%) equation (Network Turnover x Quantum Score x Rotations per year must = over 100%).
Just like the other pillar of quantum economics, the POP Investment Principle, Quantum Force Theory was in part realized during the creation of a graphic. Before looking at the actual graphic, we need to see a conceptual graphic that preceded it. The graphic below was not made at the time, rather just considered. The objective was to show all the 2036 USA Networks in one graphic, where as soon a strings and leagues became stable they grouped themselves into cubes of 8, 64, 512 and 4096.


Practically this did not work. As it needed to be in 3D so one could see the eight individual cubes within the eight cube, as in 2D it looks like only four fit inside. Plus, there needed to be a provision to see holes in the larger cubes where unstable networks were, as per solutions highlighted earlier within the “Mathematical Simplicity and Supersymmetry” passage. It did however present a reasonable starting point for looking at an overview of POP growth.
In the middle of March 2012 I watched two documentaries. The first on physics highlighted an important mathematical detail in regard to unifying Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity in the measurement of Black Holes. The reason the two sets of figures will not marry was due to results leading to an infinite number.

My consideration was simple and followed the POP Investment principle. If the experiments and measurements were run again, this time blocking any calculation that created a periodic recurring number and freezing any calculations that went passed processing power, on both sides of the process one would not solve the problem per se. But one would create two definitive stable sets of mathematics and have identified a gap of uncertainty. Within that gap something surprising might be found, maybe a force of frequency. Hence the name Quantum Force Theory.

How this would work in practice was another matter. When one is on a fishing expedition and the fish is on the line, the exact manner in how one is to cook it is not the main concern.

The following day, I was informed that a UK economics program called Newsnight, had given backup to my USA economic analysis which labeled Medical Liabilities and the aging population as the single largest problem.

The program was in two parts and whilst this program was using UK figures it presented the point well and solidified my opinion on same. Much like the USA it boiled down to: “Even if all the Conservative Governments austerity measures were implemented and the UK came back to growth, due to Medical Liabilities and the aging population unless politically toxic draconian measures were enacted, the UK would still go bust come the late 2020’s.” Interestingly it was disclosed that the government did not include Medical Liabilities and the aging population within their long term budget forecasts, at least not the ones presented to the public.

The second part of the program sighted Economic Black Holes as an equal problem. In short as no one knew where the money was going, and so no one could improve the its journey.

So I considered “If Compatible Finite Mathematics techniques could identify the problem area within the search for mathematical unity within an astrological black hole, the same principle must work for an economic black hole.” If the problem area could be identified and quantified, it could be tackled and reduced. This was the inspiration that lead to the profit vs. revenue approach to American Butterfly.

An economic black hole is specific to money, “where does the money go?” Fortunately, the basic concept of the network was already designed to follow the money, with network companies mainly supplied by other network companies all using the same financial software.

One weak link was supplies from companies that did not use the financial software, which was tackled by structuring the initial network with all companies necessary to produce any items.

The harder weak link was in the paying of salaries. This point now dealt with comprehensively within the S-World UCS Simulations chapter “Quantum Time” and the principle of Quantum Scoring. Where we see the majority of salary paid out in Network Credits. And many factors put in place to encourage staff to spend their “cash salary” via a network debit/credit card on items produced by the network.

One bottom line factor in this regard was the size and versatility of the Network. Where if any item or any place one would wish to visit was network related, then there was no imposition. As such the larger the network, the more staff would be comfortable spending their money on network goods and services.

This very basic principle is of course relative to all network activities. The larger the network, the more businesses and individuals would purchase from it. Hence, the consideration that the Quantum Score (Revenue vs. Profit) will increase with the expansion of the network. From an estimated 55% after the first set of networks are created, to 80% when Angel POP is complete.

Just so we are all on the same page, the Quantum Score is the amount of profit the network generates from each sale. The principal point of sale, there suppliers both material and sundry, and the individual Quantum Scores of their staff.
For quite some time despite the gigantic gulf in results, between early networks expected Quantum Scores of 55% compared to Fortune 500 companies on 7.5%, their seemed something missing. Of course in GDP terms the 7.5% attributed to Fortune 500 companies was not the end of the story as it did not include their suppliers profit or their staff salaries spending. In general, it appears that this figure is multiplied by three to gain a full spectrum of economic stimulus, thus 22.5%. Still low, still making 55% seem so high as to immediately usher in a golden age. But when considered from a total perspective, the figures did not add up.

If Quantum Economics and the Network achieves total supremacy with 80% Quantum Scoring with 20% tax, where there is no outside economy to draw from, using this principle alone would not work. A $100 Trillion spend if worked on 80% only leads to $80 Trillion profit. This is working on NT x QS (Network Turnover x Quantum Scoring). Hence, we needed NT X QS x R/Y >+100%, where we added yearly rotations of profit. Where each revolution added to GDP, or NT which in a finite scenario are the same. The second circle of $80T adding $64 Trillion to the initial $80 Trillion making $144Trillion, more revolutions increasing GDP further.

Economic Stimulus
One of the immensely useful by-products from Quantum Force Theory was the Economic Stimulus. Where to keep track of money the concept of Network Credits was introduced to. When this concept was applied to the network figures, not only did it keep track of network capital it had the rather obvious side effect of increasing network turnover and so generated more profit. This lead to the consideration of increasing this stimulus. And so instead of an annoying loss of capital, Dividends and Bonuses became an essential part of network growth. Soon other stimulus methods were introduced such as prize money for sports, even dividends to property owners. All points increasing the popularity of the Network, everyone wants to get paid more. This point in particular when it comes down to it, could well be the most popular part of quantum economics.

Coming full circle, the Economic Stimulus is now so big. It can be used to influence R/Y >+100% as when necessary one can place a two or three-month spending limit on Stimulus Money. Which if set at 3 months would see a 50% of Network Turnover or if you prefer in a total scenario GDP span 4 times in a year. Which alongside the POP Investments destined for a similar rotation in another area offers an immense amount of control over the R/Y factor and so GDP.

It’s all very simple and one could ask the question “why has this not been considered before?” Well it took the human race 190,000 years to notice that if you planted corn, you did not have to move around all the time. Sometimes as simple as something may seem, until you know it, it’s as out of reach as the Theory of Everything. But more to the point, one can not use Quantum Economics or NT X QS x R/Y >+100%, without technology. It’s a digital age advancement and were only just beginning this journey.

Moving back to the physics, and specifically that infinite number that occurs when attempting to unify the mathematics of General Relativity and Quantum mechanics in the measurement of Black Holes, I have since gained a slightly more detailed perspective. The first point of interest is that this phenomenon is not specific to Black Holes. It is also specific to “The Big Bang,” the beginning of the existence of our Universe. Indeed, both Black Holes and the Big Bang are similar, specifically as they deal with small objects that are very heavy. A Stella Black Hole for instance is the result of a Star 30 times heavier than ours that runs of fuel and as such can no longer create fusion. And so it is theorized that the star collapses in on itself to a point of zero volume and infinite density. Just like the beginning of the Big Bang.

Specific to the mathematics of quantum mechanics without which the digital age would not be. According to Dr. Amanda Peet if we attempt to commutate the probability of gravitons scattering off one another, what happens is the probability grows with the squaring of the energy. So if you double the energy you need to multiply the probability by four and if you triple the energy you need to increase the probability by nine. At low energies that we encounter in most places there is no real problem. But at very high energies particularly in Black Holes eventually the probably will exceed 100%, which is the equivalent of writing 1=0 in a math’s exam, probability needs to be between 0 and 100%.

Whether this means the energy within a Black Hole dictates the probability of the particles within it is greater than can be contained within our current measurements of our universe or not, I can’t say. However, if so, it’s a good argument for multiple universes being created.

At the end of the day we need to consider exactly what is being measured. General Relativity is a set of laws that describe gravity, these laws describe gravity as “The Fabric of Space and Time.” Quantum Mechanics dictates that we can only know the probability of any particle being at any place at any time. So when we look for A Theory of Everything, in physics what we are doing is looking at the probability of the fabric of Space and Time.

13. Quantum Force String Theory

To the right we see the Quantum Force String Theory graphic. At the time of creating the Quantum Force Theory, I had no idea what String Theory really was and even less an idea about Quantum Mechanics. All I knew was infinity was important and for sure reverse engineering the concept into Quantum Economics has been of great benefit. I do believe however that Quantum Force String Theory was actually correct.

It was simple of course. And it was simply the idea that the mathematics that were leading to period rounding or incalculable numbers were bridged by String Theory at the smallest of scales. Which as best as my knowledge of String Theory suggests is pretty much what happens. Of course the actual point of the bridge is not specific to where one would have rounded, rather somewhere around there as that is exactly how String Theory works, it takes away the precise point and replaces it with a string that can be in many places at once.

Below we see the Quantum Force String Theory graphic, created at the same time as the Quantum Force Graphic. At the time of creation there was another consideration, and for the life of me I can’t remember exactly how I got there. The consideration was this: If Quantum Force Theory was correct then we were the most sentient race in the Multiverse. And it was our job to create as best as we could a type of Heaven on Earth and further, at all costs we need to protect our complexity heading out to the Stars. However, if Quantum Force String Theory graphic was correct there would be a higher sentience within the Universe or Multiverse.

Now this does not tell us much that we can use. However, it does give credibility to my other consideration regarding Quantum Force Theory. And that was simply that the gap in-between the set of results could be String Theory, indeed that is exactly what String Theory is.


Above we see the second graphic in the Quantum Force series. The original idea, that the force or frequency between the two sets of boxed of mathematical results was String Theory. From an economic QE Scores perspective, the creation of satellite Networks, Super Stings and Quantum Strings expands the network to everywhere one could go, into every village on earth. And so making the network total and elevating the need for cash, thus completely eliminating economic Black Holes.

From a physics perspective going back to our original concept, considering the boxes and numbers as stable networks, and the graphic representing two continental cubes, please consider the journey of the Mandelbrot Fractal. The boxes with the numbers in are generated by the compatible finite mathematics POP process. Each individual network makes profit which is fed into the finite math engine. Which we can consider the middle part of the graphic, only to return again making the initial continental network or satellite network greater than it was before. A continuous cycle of growth where one becomes the other, then back again.

For this example, we are starting under guidance from Max Planck 1858 > 1947. Awarded the Nobel Prize for originating Quantum Theory in 1918, most famous for discovering the Planck Length. His words: “There is no matter as such, all matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute Solar System of an atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

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