All Facebook Profits Condensed

All Facebook Profits Condensed.


Adding up all components facebook e-commerce, stores and concierge services are forecast to generate just under $275 Million.

America Butterfly Question, AB15: Is this figure a reasonable assessment?

Higher _____ Spot on _____Lower _____? (If higher or lower please present your estimate)

Facebook Share Price

On the 18th May Facebook launched its IPO (Initial Public Offering / Stock market Floatation), shares were sold at a record setting value of $38 each, at the end of the day valuing Facebook at $104 Billion. However as soon at the IPO had launched certain narrow minded vultures within the financial sectors started to look at what Facebook makes now, rather than what it could make in the future. As such shortly after facebook stock lost about 20% of its value. By the end of August Facebook shares had lowered to 50% of their initial value.

Currently Facebook make around $1Billion a year in profit, which compared to other companies at a similar share value is low, as such dividend yield will be comparatively lower. To make matters worse the swing of facebook users from desktop to Cellular phones impacts revenue as currently Facebook to not have an advertising strategy for this medium.

All told if we take into account the “Lx.” forecasts are split between 768 resort networks “American Butterfly” enabled Facebook profits total just over $180 Billion. On top of that is the $1.5 Trillion 2036 Real Estate assets.

America Butterfly Bonus Question, AB16: On validation from budgetary and financial analysts alongside the bipartisan cooperation from US governments, is it fair to say Facebook shares are due to sky rocket?

Higher ________ OK ________ Lower ________?

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