“Einstein Says….”

General Summary

Chapter 1

Economics, S-World & the Core Network

US Economic Analysis
S-World Virtual Social Network
The Core Network

Chapter 2

The Suppliers Butterfly

The Suppliers and Manufacturing Butterfly
A Brief introduction to POP

Chapter 3

The Theory of, just a little bit more than we know now

The Universities & “Spartan Contracts”
“The Theory of Just a little bit more than we know now”

Super University Resort Hospitals “SURH’s”
“The Theory of more than we know now”

Alternate Energies
“The Theory of a lot more than we know now”

Chapter 4

The Locations Butterfly

Location, Location, Location
The Locations Butterfly

Chapter 5

Economic Stimulus & Investment

Economic Stimulus and Investment
Phase one Investment

Chapter 6

Facebook Business Development

Facebook Business Development
Facebook Gifts
Facebook Stores
Cities of Science
All Facebook Profits Condensed

Chapter 7


Sienna’s World
S-World Virtual Social Network
S-World Virtual Business Network and Software

Chapter 8

S-World Universal Colonization Simulator

S-World UCS History
Facebook Travel – Tutorial Game Page
S-World UCS -QE & EEE Scores Page
S-World UCS Game play
S-World UCS – Special Projects Page
Garret Lisi’s “The Theory of Everything”
Quantum Time Page
S-World UCS Logistics