Sienna’s World

Sienna’s World

S-World is an abbreviation for Sienna’s World named after my daughter, the most beautiful baby in the world. I know, every father says that about his daughter, but one has to admit she’s a cutie. On informing my farther about the make-up of the business and networking software plus my decision to name it after Sienna, he came up with a rather pertinent acronym.

Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

As the environment the SIENNA software lives in is to be a Virtual World, the word “World” was added, thus resulting in making Sienna’s World, shortened to “S-World.” Within S-World’s Virtual World, Sienna will appear as an Angel helping to bring attention to specific items of interest.


While in many ways much of the second and third part’s of American Butterfly are dedicated to the Sienna software, this chapter offers a friendly and simplified overview of the basics.

At best they are a collection of super summaries, as each page you are about to read requires a book all to itself. Then one needs to put all those books together, much like the economics within American Butterfly. The construct of the software is circular, with each component adding versatility and strength to the others.

By the time we have reach the end of American Butterfly Part 3 we will have delved deep into Quantum Mechanics and String Theory to adapt this software into a time machine of sorts, creating simulations of our reality and sending them forward in time to help us learn from our future mistakes and triumphs – before we even encounter them, well our business mistakes at least, but in this time of economic uncertainty, it’s still very cool.

We are in for quite a ride, but for now, for this chapter, we are keeping life nice and simple.

S-World VSN Rendering and Privacy

S-World VSN is the oldest concept within American Butterfly. It began in 2000, and by 2002 my company had developed the world’s first commercial mapped Virtual Tour for popular internet usage, where one zooms in on animated maps, clicks on scenes or buildings to look at 360-degree movies, and from where one could book accommodations. The 2012 update changes the 360-degree movies into 3D renderings that can be accessed, walked into, or encircled.

S-World VSN (Virtual Social Network) sees the creation of a Virtual World that mirrors real life. The simplest explanation would be to consider Google Maps in 3D, where instead of just looking down at a 2-dimensional flat image, one adds the dimension of height so one can walk under bridges, into houses and swim in bodies of water.

If one has played the Sims, one will already have a good picture, indeed the Sims and Pixar are desired as primary partners in S-World VSN. If one has not seen the Sims, please consider any computer game where a player’s avatar can move. Or consider a recent animated film; imagine you can pause it, then pick a character and direct the character around the animated environment.

Unless the owner of a private property opts for their property to be displayed in 3D within S-World, only a 2D image will be available and VSN users will not be able to move their avatar onto the visual image. The 2D Image will be similar, or the same, as seen in Google Maps.

The rendering process will start with Satellite Imagery, alongside the standard flat overhead view, various angles will also be photographed, once combined with existing global map data from all sources then triangulated, S-World VSN: 001 will be completed, with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Besides current popular animation techniques, great attention will be placed on fractal geometry. From this point there are various initiatives to improve the accuracy of S-World.

  1. At each operation center there is a dedicated rendering department. At times it will render properties or areas directly, albeit its primary function is to teach others how to use the basic equipment and software, as the software will be based around the Sims. Once shown how to use a pen laser, anyone 12 and older could make a professional rendering.
  2. The Travel and Real Estate industries will see the advantage in professionally rendering their establishments and their destinations, and real estate agents will perform this task free of charge. In the case of upscale homes and resorts, a more professional rendering can be performed for a fee.
  3. Gamers and S-World VSN fans will have the opportunity to be in charge of a specific area for them to upkeep, for which they will receive EEE Points, and network credits.
  4. In general, Tourism Boards and local authorities will see the advantage in assisting the rendering of their specific areas.