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American Butterfly 2

Spiritually Inspired Software

Chapter 1

The Entangled Butterfly

The Entangled Butterfly

Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect

General Relativity, Waves and Oscillation

The Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principal

The “All hands to the Pump” Principle



Chapter 2

To Infinity and Back Again

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG

Spiritually Inspired Software

Rounding Errors

The Mandelbrot Set Fractal

What is Compatible Finite Mathematics?

Introducing POP “The Star of the Show”

Baby POP

Chapter 3

Strings of Life

Dear Diary

Commitments, Dividends, Profit Share and Angel POP

The Global Network

The Angel POP Principle

Mathematical Simplicity & Super Symmetry

Satellite String Networks

Tuning Theory

Independent Satellite Networks

New Sparta – Global Network Capital

Special Project: Gliese Galactica

The Spartan Theory

Quantum Force Theory

Quantum Force String Theory