A Brief introduction to POP

A (very) Brief Introduction to POP

The “POP” (Pressure of profit) process describes the network growth structure, the result of attempting to create mathematics that is not susceptible to rounding errors. It is exstreemly powerful, and presented in great detail within American Butterfly part 3. We start with BABY POP, the investment process which creates the 15 baby resorts from which “The Window Factory” and the other suppliers receive their orders. Without the guaranteed orders, “The Window Factory” could not create the necessary profits to promote growth.

These 15 resorts cannot all benefit from the construction suppliers tender process. The second and third resorts will pick up contracts after which the other resorts will manage the building contract, but not benefit from the suppliers model within construction. There are however many manufacturing models in different industries that will follow the same process benefiting baby resorts. Most profits made from e-commerce, are largely exclusive to the parent resort. This action is deliberate as the first resort needs to be economically unbreakable, thereby becoming “the anchor” for all other resorts in its league.

The “POP” process maybe best described as a continuous cash injection, companies are required by 2018 to make at least 40% profit in relationship to their initial investment. In the case of the window factory their initial investment was $2.5 million and their 2018 profit is forecast at $2.44 million i.e. 98%. In general if a company’s forecast is lower than 40%, their investment will need to be increased, while their property returns remain the same.

As such the minimum first phase resorts will make in 2018 will be $800 million as that is 40% of the (base) investment price. However due to over-performance expected from the technology companies, building suppliers, and retail suppliers to the technology company’s e-commerce endeavors, a figure in the region of $2 billion is forecast for each of 512 first (2014) and second (2016) mother resorts.

The graphic middle right shows the timeline for the creation of the first 8 resort networks created by Baby POP, after which new networks are created each year until a league of 16 is completed. Underneath we see a sample of the Baby POP spreadsheet, which is shown in full over 8 pages within American Butterfly part 3. Please note the pink squares displaying the annual $350 million investment from the parent resort (Resort Company 1= RC1) into its baby company, thus bolstering the baby’s (RC2’s) profits.

The profit target for (RC2) is lower at $700 million; in 2021 RC2 is expected to meet its profit target, once met, as before a new resort is funded (RC3), at which point the $375 million from RC1 goes into RC3 – this time however RC3 also has $300 million from RC2 generating a total of $675 million a year. As this process continues, the more baby resorts in the league, the higher the “POP” (Pressure of Profit) and the greater the cash injection, by 2036 the 16th resort network receives $2.7 billion from Baby POP.

From the 4th resort onward the profit target reduces to 25%, in addition over 10% will be generated via the operations center where-by the profit goes straight to Baby POP, so the actual profit target in comparison to investment is but 15%, as such Baby POP acts as a fail safe, an “at the worst we will achieve this”.

“This” however is significant, as this fail safe has enough financial power to cover all US Medical liabilities and generate half the USA’s energy needs via alternate green energy sources as by 2038.

Lastly, it is important to understand the companies that fund the cash injection, own the developments that are built, alongside new income generating business, as such; all initial companies within a mother network have a presence in all 16 resorts in the league.



“The Theory of Everything

The “Theory of Everything” (TOE) is terms of physics is the search for unity within the mathematics of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the other pillar of modern physics Quantum Mechanics

A number of candidate theories of everything have been proposed by theoretical physicists during the twentieth century, but none have been confirmed experimentally.

“The most popular Theory of Everything is
String Theory.”

“A TOE Philosophy”

An evolution of: “The Theory of Everything” (TOE)

“The Theory of, what we know now”
“The Theory of, just a little more than we know now”
“The Theory of, more than we now know”
“The Theory of, a lot more than we now know”
“The Theory of, most things”
“The Theory of, just about everything”
“The Theory of Everything”