The Entangled Butterfly

American Butterfly 2

Spiritually Inspired Software

By Nick Ray Ball 12th October 2012


The Entangled Butterfly
Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect
General Relativity, Waves and Oscillation
The Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principal
The “All hands to the Pump” Principle

Chapter 1

The Entangled Butterfly

In the final chapters of ‘The Theory of Every Business,’ staring with in “S-World” we initially looked at the basics of various software components including: S-World Virtual Social Network, S-World Virtual Business Network, S-World TV integration, and the S-World.Biz business software package.

This chapter was followed by “The Sienna Project” which detailed the concept of transforming the various pre 04th April 2011 software contingents and network design into an economic system. Which could assist the environment and in general our lives, followed by a “jumping in at the deep end” tutorial of various aspects of physics.
Chapter 3, “Quantum Time” looked in detail at S-World UCS, the creation of simulated realities that we intrinsically link to the network, enabling our ability to “Virtually” time travel. So we can learn from our future mistakes and triumphs.

This chapter “The Entangled Butterfly” concludes with the software that defined the creation of American Butterfly currently entitled “The PQS” Predictive Quantum Software. I say currently as for technical accuracy its title may change to “QPS” Quantum Probability Software. As from the very word go, on the 1st May 2011 when physics was introduced to American Butterfly via a conversation with a new learned Facebook friend Anthony Rauba. In relation to a Science Fiction/Theory film plot I had written based on The Sienna project, it was clear that the future could not be predicted.

In relation to the script/plot Anthony asked the question: “Have I considered String Theory.” I looked it up and replied: “Would mathematics in whatever form predicting future events partially validate the theory?” To which Anthony replied: “Some but not all the math is, thus theory. But as to predicting the future? I refer you to Assimove’s ”Psychohistory” from Harry Seldon of the ”Foundation Series.” Re:

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

This quote really helped to define all chapters of The Spartan Theory, American Butterfly being the third. At the time it was simply a philosophy that one person can make a big difference. However a few months later when “The Butterfly Effect” was considered, not from a traditional way rather an economic way that is pure and simple, “very, very careful planning of cause and effects logistics.” This phase became the project Mantra: We can shape the future along a desired path.

And so from a certain point of view, Predictive Quantum Software is ill named as the starting philosophy says one cannot predict the future only shape it. However, The PQS is not designed to predict our future with absolute certainly, rather to predict the economic future with far greater accuracy than is currently considered possible. So for now the name “The PQS” Predictive Quantum Software remains.

The PQS has four main components. The various software and initiatives described within the “S-World” chapter, the various simulations and initiatives described with the “Quantum Time” chapter. Alongside this comes a way to organize ourselves as influenced by String Theory. And lastly a very structured type of mathematics entitled “CFM” Compatible Finite Mathematic. Which may turn out to be a form of Super, Super Symmetry?

For the best part this chapter looks at the third consideration, “a way to organize ourselves as influenced by String Theory,” alongside examining the Butterfly Effect and Quantum Mechanics from various hypnotic vantage points.
Do not be daunted by the physics. The basics are explained within my journey via my comprehension which starts from a position of no knowledge, rather simple observations. When explaining the “Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principal” we do get a little technical. But aside from the consideration of the Butterfly Effect as a constituent there is nothing that cannot be fully comprehended by watching Brian Greene’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap” on You Tube.

Not every step is strictly recognized physics. Sometimes considerations turned out to be describing different terminologies. For instance, the extra dimensions that hold together our soon to be discussed ocean wave, turned out to be the Electromagnetic force. However as the consideration of “what holds the wave together” takes the journey to more important considerations, telling the story without the example, leaves a blank so the passage remains.
Another correction to be pointed out before we journey to the Entangled Butterfly, QuESC and The PQS is this phrase: “Fortunately every atom in the universe has a unique charge, no two can have the same amount of energy,” which came from a credible source which is “The BBC.” However this explanation was oversimplified. To be completely correct the phrase should be “No two electrons can ever be in the same Quantum State.”

Before delving in, it is important to appreciate that before my introduction to physics in the form of Assimove’s ”Psychohistory”: “You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.” Which grabbed my attention, as it was in line with what I wanted S-World to achieve. Since the age of 15 I have had no education or experience in physics or any science. Until September 2011 contemplation aside, my total research in physics was confined to about eight hours, in the form of a handful of TV documentaries and access to a dozen web sites. Even now during the final adjustments to American Butterfly part 2 we could condense my education to 72 hours of internet access.
So we really are covering subjects that anyone with enthusiasm could pick up very quickly. This in part is the reason for this book’s title “The Popularization of Physics.” The field of physics is now so exciting and so accessible with professors such as Brian Greene aided by TV producers, explaining incredibly advanced concepts in such simple ways, equations aside. The once elitist world of Physics via You Tube is accessible to all in a matter of hours or to really see the bigger pictures a number of days.

Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect

In August 2011 about 12 weeks after Anthony Rauba lightly introduced me to the concept of String Theory Chaos Theory arrived at my door and spread itself throughout my apartment in the form of Sahara Hafez. Sahara was nearly 2 years old and was full of life. In fact so full of life and wondering her mother Zenda and I gave her the nickname “Chaos Theory.” One day I looked it up just for fun. The highlights:

“Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems.” It went on to mention the weather, population and economics were “Chaotic Systems.”

Despite my immediate passion for the subject, “Chaos Theory” really is a negative concept. Full of “can’t do this, and can’t do that”… indeed as most, or all things are related in one way or another. If Chaos Theory is correct we can’t do much about anything really. What will happen happens and you had better accept it simply as fate. Fortunately as I later discovered “Chaos Science” or as I more often entitle it “Compatible Finite Mathematics” cuts through the Chaos like a sharp knife, as it has no errors to round.

Re the Hari Sheldon philosophy, the tool that can seemingly be used to “put in motion” our desired path is known as the “Butterfly Effect.” Many will have heard of this. Many have seen the film where changing the sequence of someone’s life drastically changed events for others, and if I remember correctly not in a good way. The example to the right offers a simplified version.

At the top we see Sahara and her mother Zenda happily going about their businesses in a balanced manner. Unaware that a thousand miles away an event transpired which made person “C” upset. If you are paying attention you will notice there is no person “C.” As far as Sahara is concerned she has never met this person and probably never will. However in between the top diagram and the bottom, person “C” had become upset and brought their frustrations upon person “B.” Who in turn brought chaos to person “A” and transferred the chaos via telephone 1000 miles to Zenda. If this event collides with an outburst from Sahara, maybe in the form of a flying food show, Zenda will have less resistance to Sahara’s outburst and a term in the naughty chair may be imposed.

If Chaos Theory is to be believed that “Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes” then during the time Sahara is on the naughty chair, her entire life changes. How her exams will go, who she marries and who her children will be, all due to person “C.” We can’t look into the future and assess the different futures Sahara may have so there is currently no definitive proof that a 5 minute negative interruption in Sahara’s formative years changes everything for her. However one thing is clear, if you reverse the scenario and bring a positive action upon another, more often than not that one good dead will ripple far further than just the intended target. Imagine a world where in a way Karma was proved and everyone on the planet was continuously positive. Where people are not fanatical about God, rather fanatical about the good things they have done in the name of their God. That would be a good place to live.

At the time from an economic standpoint this incite brought forward the rather obvious consideration. If Greece instead of being the financial Black Hole in the Eurozone became a financial energizer, it would have a profound reversal of fortune to the entire Eurozone and global economies.


Getting back to the Butterfly Effect within our lives and to help illustrate the example of tiny seemingly trivial events creating great change, another well considered film is available. Made in 1998 starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hanna entitled Sliding Doors. Illustrating two completely different future lives that befall Gwyneth via the event of catching or missing a tube train.

So for the best part considering what Chaos Theory tells us, and the points made within the two films to which we can all relate, it would appear we are bound to the many coincidences in life, we are bound by fate.

Or are we?

The disciplines within Particle Physics that investigates the concept of many different eventualities within many different universes and how better to possibly understand and control them are known as Quantum Mechanics & String Theory. Neither seem specific to the Butterfly Effect or the coincidences that mold our lives, rather how the universe is made up in small elements and how those elements can have different realities or “states.” Hence the Quantum Mechanics Mantra: “Whatever can happen does”.

How this translates back to our journey is the notion that all our possible journeys and all our possible futures are happening at the same time, and we are in many places at once. However our current understanding, our unique consciousness can only be aware of any one reality at any one time. Within Quantum Mechanics rather than describing the phenomena as The Butterfly Effect, this notion is more often referred to as “Quantum Weirdness.”
Before elaborating an example of how I linked The Butterfly Effect to Quantum Mechanics. To do this we are going back to basics. No computers, no calculators, no academic knowledge, just observation and contemplation of the phrase that to most defines Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect.

“Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings, cause a tornado in Texas?”

Before continuing I’ll set the scene for the said contemplation. 300 Dolphin Bay, Africa and the mountains of Chapman’s Peak, the beauty and the symmetry of nature greatly assisting the creative and contemplative processes.


So, “Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings, cause a tornado in Texas?” It’s a tricky one, at first I thought “well I guess it’s possible but it’s an extreme long shot.” At the time of reaching a conclusion I was not looking to answer that specific question. It was simply one of the many pieces of a puzzle that seemed bound to each other. I still can not give a definitive answer one way or the other.

The piece of the puzzle significant to the process was not the answer. Rather it was how to attain the answer, how to calculate it, albeit using technology that does not exists yet and may never will. However applying the principal in a way that can be calculated to our network opened the door to Quantum Economics, Compatible Finite Mathematics and the use of Quantum Time.

One fine winter’s day whist on a mountain I pictured a cube like grid across the air deep into the horizon and beyond. Within one cube was our butterfly. My first rendition was in two dimensions and illustrated the slip stream effect rather than the totality of the cube, here is the graphic.


I hope it is simple enough. We have a very light breeze coming towards the butterfly at a force of 4. And by the time our butterfly has disrupted the flow, the breeze directly behind our butterfly is slightly less than the breeze that was not interrupted. If we consider the replacing our butterfly with an F16, we would see a greater effect and indeed have a higher chance of creating a tornado. Of course the above graphic only takes into account our butterflies turbulence in a single direction, highlighting the slip stream effect. For a more accurate picture we need a cube.


Now we see our butterfly within one of the many cubes I envisaged around the world, displayed in 4 dimensions: Height, Width, Depth and Time as the numbers are specific to a snapshot of energy in time.
Fortunately every atom in the universe has a unique charge and no two can have the same amount of energy. Which is quite a feat considering there would be 7,000 trillion, trillion or so atoms in you, and you would fit inside the universe many times.

On the left of the graphic we see 9 boxes with numbers in it. These represent capturing the charges of atoms at a single point in time, in a single place. Of course in reality there are a lot more numbers.

If one had the ability to accurately measure the charges on all sides of the cube and had the further ability to measure all the adjacent cubes from Brazil to Texas up to and all around our tornado, one would be able to accurately say, yes the butterfly did cause the tornado, no it did not, or it was a contributing factor.
And that is the level of accuracy required for the Finite Mathematics within the Network, utter precision on a quantum scale.

To our right we see two artists’ graphical interpretation of The Butterfly Effect illustrating the difference between an economic system and / or Network that works with utter precision at the top, and less than utter precision beneath.


General Relativity, Waves and Oscillation

As our journey so far has taken us to “The Cube” it would be amiss not to introduce General Relativity, Einstein’s Theory of Gravity. Or as maybe better described as General Reality, the smooth way we perceive the universe in 4 dimensions.

The word “Relativity” is best described via speed (distance / time). Right now if you are sitting down, in relative terms to your close environment you are not traveling at speed. However, from another perspective you are traveling at just over 1000 miles an hour as that is the speed of the earth’s rotation. And from another perspective you are traveling at 67,000 miles an hour as that is the speed the earth moves around the sun.

Another more down to earth example would be two cars, my car and your car. If my car is still and you are traveling 100miles and hour you have a speed of 100 miles an hour relative to my speed. If my car sped up to 100 miles an hour traveling in the same direction of your car, compared to my car, your car now has a relative speed of zero. If our cars are traveling at 100 miles an hour in opposite directions each has a relative speed of 200 miles an hour.
It’s simple enough until you throw in the Speed of Light, which does not follow these rules. Einstein’s complimentary theory, the Special Theory of Relativity states that no matter where you are or how fast you are going the speed of light will be the same. As such The Speed of Light or (c) becomes a universal constant.

One would be mistaken in presuming time was also a constant, but this is not so. Time has the effect of speeding up and slowing down depending on the weight of the object that it is near to. This effect however is only noticeable if one is traveling at a speed close to the speed of light, or you are in a very heavy environment such as a black hole. But seeing as we are not traveling near the speed of light or are positioned anywhere near a black hole, for now we need not worry about these phenomena in our day to day lives.

Getting back to our cube it was said that cubist painters such as Picasso are perfectly equipped to understand General Relativity. In this regard General Relativity maybe best explained as the way we see the world, or the way we comprehend the world as we see in cubed dimensions. Subconsciously when we look at a tree in the distance we are putting a cube around it. Not a square cube and possibly more than one cube. But we see its height, we see its width, and we make a good estimation of its depth.

This is due to our visual dimension range of 3 dimensions. However in a similar way to our perception of light in that we can not see infra red or ultra violet, it is widely considered as fact that there are other dimensions that are not visible to us.

One of the ways I tried to understand extra dimensions was in the consideration of waves. Please note that whist the principal of the energy signature of the wave as presented is correct, the likening to String Theory Supersymmetry and ten-dimensional space is merely an observation and may not be correct. It is a rung on a ladder that lead to the concept of String Networks and “The Multiverse Butterfly Entanglement Principal.” And as such it seemed appropriate that the wave dimension analogy be included, technically accurate or not.

Without waves we would be lost in the dark. Take away light waves and sound waves and we would be blind and deaf. We can’t see the individual make up of sound and light waves, but we can see waves in water.


The simplest way for a wave to form is via a water droplet and whist contemplating on this please consider the dripping sound, as it becomes relevant later.

The drip hits the water and starts a ripple. If this ripple is then fanned by a breeze it gains momentum and so has a greater force. The same principal applies to the waves in the seas and oceans. However within the ocean the formation of a wave has other determining factors, not the least of which is other waves.

This said once our wave has pulled itself together it becomes not a random set of water movements but becomes a definite object with a unique signature. It is not water it is a defined unit of energy with form.


In the graphic above the actual wave is highlighted in gold. If the wave was just water that would push the duck along, rather than just bob up and down, the same effect is true for the water under the wave. For the best part like the duck after the wave has passed the water remains in much the same place.

The wave is best described as pure energy, with form and sucking in and expelling water as it journeys across the ocean. It takes about two weeks for a wave that leaves the South Pole to reach the North Pole. Scientists can measure this due to each individual wave having a unique energy signature.

So what is this energy signature and how does it create a defined shape that we can see with our own eyes? What is a wave, and what is it that holds the energy is such an organized way? The answer to this may lie within the wondrous disciplines of String Theory and Supersymmetry, which describes the forces and dimensions within the sub atomic universe.
Unlike the 3 coordinates (height, width, depth) plus the 1 time dimensional way we look at the world within General Relativity, String Theory explores 26 dimensions. 16 contain boson’s (particles that transmit force), albeit these are hardly mentioned now days. It is the 10 dimensions (our three + time + 6 others) that contain fermions (particle that make up matter) that could hold the key to our waves form.


Eventually our much loved wave came to the end of its journey. If it was lucky it’s like the wave above captured as a picture in time, but for the best part it is just another ocean wave ending on land. As the wave approaches land, its fuel of sorts, “the water” runs out. The wave has no water to suck up so the water at the back comes over the crest. It forms a surf wave and eventually crashes down over itself (In economic terms we can see the surf wave in the ocean as citizens, countries and companies borrowing money and conducting businesses relatively unhindered until 2007 when there was little left to borrow).

This may be the end of the journey of our ocean wave but not the end of the journey for the energy. Whether in some way the energy signature continues and transforms into a more complex structure, or whether it simply dissipates into many new random existences is an interesting question. If there is a bigger picture that applies to the energy within our wave, the same principal may apply to the Butterfly Effect within our lives.

The above paragraph was initially earmarked for removal as it seemed “a stretch of the imagination too far.” However, having since watched and transcribed Brian Greene’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos” via the principal of entanglement there is a precedent for particles having connections, which can stretch as far as the moon and beyond that exist but can not be explained. Albeit they can be of use, right now scientists working in the Canary Islands are seriously using this principal to develop a Star Trek styled photon teleport devise.

And when we consider “There is no disagreement between Quantum Mechanics and any experiment that has ever been done.” Well……

Placing entanglement aside for the moment and considering just the transfer of the wave energy in specifics. As the surf wave crashes over, energy is transferred in various ways, kinetic (movement) energy as it displaces the sand and surrounding objects and sound energy the most usual.

First we consider the sound energy. The transference from Ocean Wave to Sound Wave is a beautiful process, which helped me grasp the fundamental nature of how the strings within String Theory gained strength from oscillation. Albeit within String Theory, oscillation is added to by many other forms of “wiggles” amplified by the extra 6 dimensions. And where in the case of our water droplet gravity becomes its ultimate downfall, within String Theory the strings are energized by gravity.


The surf is made up of millions of small oscillating water droplets. To the naked eye these water droplets would appear as solid drops of water. However for the best part each droplet is hollow. We see evidence of this within the top three photographs illustrating a droplet that has just broken apart. The droplet is in essence the skin of the bubble, in the middle of the droplet is air, the water spinning and oscillating around it.

It is the spinning osculating quality of the water that holds form of the droplet. This spin and oscillation also transfers the energy of the ocean wave into many sound waves which fly off in all directions. Once this energy is spent, gravity takes over and the water. Just like the water that did not move the duck, is lifeless, it goes limp and falls to the ground, motionless. Until it joins another wave or if landed on a beach may evaporate.
The other main energy transference is kinetic or movement energy which comes in various forms, at the end of its journey, nard and then onto a sandy beach the wave energy will dissipate into the sand moving it up onto the beach. The sand of course was once made of larger clumps of matter, pebbles, rocks, even mountains, before succumbing to entropy, and the rules of thermodynamics “everything falls to dust”.


Above we see a beautiful picture of the wave encountering rocks before it runs out of water, a more dramatic splash, and so a greater more violet dissipation of energy. If there are 7×1027 atoms in an average human, most of which will have moved on by the 40th year, it’s reasonable to assume. With each big crash of a wave, some or many atoms are dislodged or altered within the rock due to the energy of our wave. A ponderous consideration to which I have created a theory entitled “Tuning Theory,” which will be shared later.

The Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principal

Returning to my previous consideration “Whether in some way the energy signature of the wave continues and transforms into a more complex structure, or wheter it simply dissipates into many new random existences?”

To our right we see how the Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principal may work. We shall consider this first from a Quantum Mechanics, String and M-Theory perspective, and then The Butterfly Effect within our lives. For the sake of simple representation we have taken a sector from the Multiverse. Within that sector are 4096 Universes (this correlates to one cube to the power of 4 cubes (1>8>64>512>4096). Our universe is one of the cubes. To the right of this within the same Multiverse our complex ordered butterfly effect graphic takes on the characteristics of a structure. A form of say Multiverse DNA which may, or may not consist of messenger particles, similar to the graviton within String Theory, which can transcend dimensions and energizes objects.

As we zoom into our Universe and then the earth sector within it we can see one of the Multiverse butterfly strings bound to two particles. These particles were once close together but have since moved far away from each other. We can’t see or measure the string or force that connects the two entangled particles. But we know the two particles are connected by something as this experiment has been run thousands of times.

As theories go, this is a good one. If one can accept the Multiverse, knowledge of physics or not, it makes sense to a fashion, it’s simple, it’s clean. In regard to accepting the Multiverse, before Columbus found America in 1492, most felt the world was flat. Then after we believed we were the centre of our solar system. And then we believed our solar system was the centre of our galaxy. Then our galaxy was the centre of the Universe. It’s perfectly reasonable and in sequence with histories for us to discover our universe is not the only one.

The principle of entanglement, the precise observation that for some reason some particles that were once close to another keep a connection when they are hundreds of thousands of miles apart, was not always undisputed. Indeed the world’s most famous scientist Albert Einstein was the principle’s greatest opponent.

Starting in 1913 with Bohr and co.’s uncertainty principle or “Quantum Leap” that dictated that only certain orbits were allowed for the electrons within atoms and the electrons had the ability to leap from one orbit to another. Enhanced by the double slit experiment and Schrödinger’s equation that suggested the electron acted like a wave and to be explained by Max Born as a probability wave, where the size of the wave at any location predicts the probability of the electron being found there. Culminating in the general principle that according to Quantum Mechanics, the world itself is a game of chance, and the matter of the Universe is made of atoms and sub atomic particles that are ruled by probability not certainty.

Einstein could not believe that the fundamental nature of reality at the deepest level was determined by chance, as it sharply diverged from the absolute, definitive predictions that were the then hallmark of classical physics. Einstein said “God does not throw dice.”

According to Bohr’s approach to Quantum Mechanics when you measure a particle, the act of measurement forces it to relinquish all of the possible places it could have been, and select one definite location where you find it. The act of measurement is what forces the particle to make that choice. Einstein said, “Do we really think the reality of the universe, rests on weather we happen or not to open our eyes, that’s just bizarre, I like to think the moon is there even when not looking at it.” Einstein was convinced that something was missing from Quantum Theory, “it was not bad physics per say, it was just totally incomplete.” Despite Einstein’s arguments Bohr remained unmoved. When Einstein repeated “God does not roll dice,” Bohr responded, “Stop telling God what to do.”


Enter entanglement. As mathematically theorized via the equations of Quantum Mechanics, which added to the “its not there until you look for it” with “and when you find it, it may affect another particle hundreds of thousands of miles away.” This was two much for Einstein who labeled it “Spooky action at a distance.”
Einstein agreed that entangled particles could exist. But he thought there was a simpler explanation for why they were linked that did not involve a mysterious long distance connection and suggested that the effect was predetermined.

Sadly Einstein died in 1955 still greatly conflicted by entanglement, spooky action and the uncertainty principle. Twelve years later in 1967 John Clauser tried to prove Einstein right by making a machine to test the principle. But instead Clauser proved Einstein wrong. Proving that quantum particles can be linked across space, measuring one thing can instantly affect its partner as if the space between them did not even exist. And still to this day there has not been any experiment that disagreed with Quantum Mechanics. The equations of Quantum Mechanics have lead to some very big inventions such as lasers, transistors, the integrated circuit and the entire field of electronics. It is said that “If Quantum Mechanics went on strike, almost every machine in the world would stop functioning.”

And right now in the Canary Islands, Anton Zyeilinger and a team of physicists as well as engineers are using the entanglement principle to literally emulate the Star Trek teleport devise. Currently working with photons, the particles of light, entangling two on the island of La Palma, and sending one via a laser guided telescope to the island of Tenerife, 89 miles away. Next Zyeilinger introduces a third photon and makes it interact with the entangled photon that remained on La Palma. The photon is then monitored and because of “spooky action” can create an identical copy at the laboratory in Tenerife and so the photon teleports to Tenerife without traversing the space between the islands. Zyeilinger has successfully teleported dozens of particles. Next the experiments will try to move objects and in time maybe even people. There is nothing in physics that says this is not possible, and it is only possible due to entanglement.

“The Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principle” it’s simple enough, “There is so far an undetectable force or messaging string that links the particles together, on a grand scale.”

Now let’s consider the same principle. But instead of applied to particles it’s applied to the Butterfly Effect within our lives. To start with if we think closely about it The Butterfly Effect carries the directional properties of the dimensions we are used to. Left Right, Up Down, Forward, Backward, and Time are all specific to a journey. In both the sited films “The Butterfly Effect” and “Sliding Doors” the Butterfly Effect was definitively a journey, a journey that had two different paths, two different journeys. I have thought long and hard to comprehend how another dimension may appear to us. Not in consideration of String Theory and curled up dimensions, rather what we could do with it or how can it be of use. And my only answer in terms of things that we know is “to change, or assist our journey.” This makes sense and is in line with the 4 dimensions I am used to.

Before continuing I wish to clarify, I’m not suggesting that one or more of the extra 6 dimensions in String Theory are The Butterfly Effect. Rather that the Butterfly Effect could be a result of them, like gravity is suggested as a force that travels through then, so could The Butterfly Effect.

Of course if one thinks about how incredibly complex The Butterfly Effect must be if it is to affect all our lives. It seems mind-bogglingly complex and highly organized, far out of reach of our comprehension, let alone simulation, or actual usage. Or is it?

Not if we consider it from the perspective of American Butterfly. Particularly if we consider American Butterfly’s scientific founding principal: “You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

American Butterfly started with but a few clever marketing ideas for a small company. But by following the “shaping the future in a direction that is desired” and “positive circular events” mantras it has, on paper spread its wings to every conservable business type, at every conceivable size, in every conservable country, and further desires to spread our into our Galaxy to protect our unique complexity.

On implementation it contains definitive, not possible, rather probable initiatives to rebalance global warming. Turn the worst financial crisis in history into a golden age. Raise the bar in education and research. Absorb the world’s medical liabilities and bring peace across the world. It even encourages the world’s population into fitness, so they will create more endorphins and be happy.

As the creator, I have mapped this out. Yes it’s a lot to do. But by eliminating the infinite element that is said to cause chaos in economics and applying considerations from Quantum Mechanics, String and M Theory, we see and must consider American Butterfly as a structure. Not too dissimilar to our Butterfly Effect graphic, as pictured in the Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Principle.

This brings us in a way to the heart of the issue. If The Multiverse Entanglement Butterfly Effect is real, and if like American Butterfly it was deliberately created, what use is it to whoever created it? The answer to this lies in S-World UCS. Why would we want to create Billions of versions of what the Network may look like in the future, many controlled specifically by one person? Easy, so we can follow the optimum paths, the optimum journeys, avoid messy outcomes and fix our attention on a path that is already there, a path that has already lead in a desired direction.

From a certain point of view, entanglement or as Einstein labeled it “Spooky Action” and the uncertainty principle prove that sentience, indeed our sentience must be linked to the make up of our universe. As if any particle and so all particles only materialize by the act of measurement, and only the sentient can measure, then without sentience there would be no particles.

Each of us, in comparison to the smallest of the small, the Planck length, are in relative terms individually larger than the entire universe. Inside each of us, enough atoms to blow apart an entire continent, we are very big and very powerful. Are we a part of the Multiverse’s strive for perfection? Do we have brothers and sisters in distant lands? Is the earth as suggested in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy a giant computer tasked with finding “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?”

Before moving on I’d like to redirect to a fashion and remind all reading that, if one disagrees with the principles of the Multiverse or the consideration of the Butterfly Effect within it, it is of no consequence to the set up of American Butterfly.

American Butterfly and the creation of the Global Network are not specific to mimicking the actual makeup of our Universe and the Multiverse. Rather analyzing and assessing the work of the physicists and mathematics in all disciplines, then utilizing their mathematics and concepts in such a way as to create the network in the best possible fashion. Particularly in terms of on longevity, sustainability and in general “making the most of what we have”, an “all hands to the pump” principle.

The “All hands to the Pump” Principle

Alongside UCS, how the network is improved by these types of considerations is specific to organizing ourselves starting not with circuitry and technology but rather our place within it. A mobilization and organization of our collective sentience, two minds are better than one so they say. Well by the same reasoning 7 billion are better than two. The Multiverse Butterfly Entanglement Principle was first considered on the 18th September 2012. However the “all hands to the pump principle” was in play long before. To understand how it links to the core design of the American Butterfly and the Global Network we need to travel back to December 2011.

After 11 years my African 300 Dolphin Bay adventure was over and I had returned to England. Shortly after my return I saw a documentary which introduced me to the concepts of the multiple dimensions and the Multiverse within String and Theory Supersymmetry. On the 22nd September 2011 a team of Italian physicists detected neutrinos which appeared have broken the speed of light. At the time I had written my first equation E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG, which will be explained in the following chapter. It was later discovered that the Italians’ experiment was flawed and the reason for the results was due to a faulty wire. But my personal door to String Theory, Supersymmetry and extra dimensions had been opened. I will explain the theory as to how neutrinos could have breached the speed of light as presented.

The basic principle was one or more of the 10 dimensions within Supersymmetry have no light. As the neutrinos (tiny particles) which travel at just under the speed of light passed through it and as they did they sped up for a split second, braking the speed of light. The program went on to describe the make up of the 10 dimensions within supersymmetry which was simply described as similar to three slices of bread in a loaf. I need to point out that on reflection I was slightly at cross wires. As the loaf is not specific to dimensions rather the Multiverse or Bulk as it is named within Supersymmetry. However creatively it was step in the right direction.

My first consideration was to the make up of this super small dimension set. It was surely quantum as quantum means small. If this dimension or dimension set was so very, very small, I thought it must have perfect order or at the least a far greater order than our own mainly chaotic universe. Seeing as how I spent the last handful of months creating an advanced economic model based on non chaotic mathematics, it made perfect sense that a quantum universe with great order would have greater efficiency to ours, which to me implied an intelligence of sorts.
I considered what properties the extra dimensions might possess then committed my interpretation of Supersymmetry to paper. Considering relevant subjects and disciplines that could be associated with other dimensions and placing them on a 10 point grid over the three slices of bread.

On the right we see our own Universe, the known Universe, General Relativity. On the left we see my interpretation of what may be found within a highly ordered “intelligent” Quantum Universe. Consciousness, Order, Chaos & Evolution were considered from a perspective of “what could exist and function without light,” where consciousness was considered able to see perfectly well within a dream or projection of what it would like to see.

In the middle “The Bridge” was the portal from one universe to the next, an eternal battle between positivity and negativity, which were both specific to my E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG equation. The link from the Quantum Universe to the bridge besides time was Chaos which was twinned with Emotion, which may have been better written “Free Will.” Indicating that Chaos is not necessarily a bad thing, rather something that needs balance. Indeed in Lee Chazen’s paper “Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government” it is said: The greatest creativity, evolvability and progress appear to take place at “the edge of chaos.” 



Above we see a more recent interpretation with our known universe unchanged, our 3 visible dimensions: Width, Height and Depth illuminated by light.

In the middle replacing Positivity and Negativity we see Infinity and Entropy. We know infinity as the concept that there is no end, a comforting concept. Entropy is the scientific opposite the basic concept that everything falls to dust, featured most prominently within the field of Thermodynamics. Indeed the second rule of Thermodynamics is everything will turn to dust. A very simple example care of Professor Brain Cox: “Make a sand castle, and for sure it will not take long for it to blow away. Consider the principle over a long time and we see mountains becoming smaller and at some point the end of our very own planet.” It’s a compelling argument to the concept that there is an end. And so Entropy becomes a worthy opposite to Infinity.

Our Quantum Universe is still able to function without matter and in principal transcend dimensions. Its constituents have been updated to Intelligence, Innovation, and Complexity. Intelligence has replaced consciousness as a more measurable commodity within consciousness. Innovation has replaced evolution as it can be instantly measured and appreciated on arrival. And order/symmetry has been superseded by complexity. But what exactly is complexity?

Complexity is wonderful, it is the opposite and only argument to entropy and the thermodynamic laws that say everything will end. Complexity may be best described simply as the idea that everything does not end, to the best of our timekeeping in relationship to DNA. For us as the human race with our commuters, our Facebook, our robot on Mars and our Voyager space probe; complexity started with the first ameba formed in the world’s oceans millions of years ago.

Via evolution our ameba created life, fish, dinosaurs, vegetation. And indeed all that is within the natural world today. Without those amebas we would not have been born. The human race world not have been born, and on this planet there would be no sentience. Without sentience there would be no computers, no moon landing, no Apple, no Microsoft, no Google no Facebook.

All combined, the natural world we live in with its complex ecosystem, our human race with its complex political economic and social contingents plus our complex inventions there is a lot going on. We exist, we have made progress, we have created complex machines, we are complex machines. And if we get it right we will spread out into the universe and spread our complexity across the known and unknown galaxies.

This is complexity, not one man or one machine, rather all men and machines as well as our habitat. Our ideas are not ending and unless we either really mess it up, or get hit by an ELE before we can head for the starts, there will be no end to our complexity. Save the eternal question of whether or not in a trillion, trillion years the universe will ran out of energy.

There is an argument that Complexity should sit alongside Infinity within the bridge further that Chaos and Order should return. And indeed they do, the graphic is representative of a starting position. From which complexity, order and chaos, are channeled in organized fashion from the Quantum Universe into our Universe, for ourselves to add to before returning to the source. Only to see our additions add to the complexity which are then sent once again to our universe, to be added to once again. This cycle continuously repeats. This is the Butterfly Effect. This is QuESC, the Quantum Economic System Core.

But before looking at QuESC a citation to the consideration of consciousness outside of our own within the Universe is provided. Provided by the physicist considered by many as the farther of Quantum Mechanics, Max Planck (1858 > 1947), awarded the Nobel Prize for originating Quantum Theory in 1918 and most famous for discovering the Planck Length. His words:

“There is no matter as such, all matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute Solar System of an atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

One last consideration before leaving the realm of theories and hypothesis is in relation to the broadly accepted concept that within String Theory many of the Universes within the Multiverse have different laws of physics. And within many other Universes within the Multiverse matter has not formed. And life as we imagine it, can not exist. To this we need to accept life of pure consciousness could survive within such Universes. Further, if matter in our own universe is only there when we measure it, to others our universe may look empty, until viewed through our eyes.



Putting the existence of other sentience within or outside our universe aside but holding onto the basic design of the Butterfly Entanglement Principle, we move back into our world of fact and look to make the most of what we have.

QuESC is the “all hands to the pump” human element that sits at the foundation of American Butterfly and the Sienna Project. The Quantum Economic System Core, the non physical principal or philosophy that lies behind the PQS (Predictive Quantum Software) and attaches to all software and hardware components.

QuESC is us, and the principal of Compatible Finite Mathematics.

On the left, our Max Planck “Conscious and intelligent” Quantum Universe is replaced by “BB” short for “BusinessBook.” The working title for all who combine to create and project American Butterfly’s circular event ambitions to the citizens of earth, in line with Assimove’s ”Psychohistory”: “You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

Starting with but a small group of committed citizens, however once Facebook and US Government have taken up the challenge, it will surely not be long before the other essential partners and world Governments embrace American Butterfly. Within a year from that point Businessbook desires over a million minds. A dream team of physicists, mathematicians, scientists, academics, economists, computer people, philanthropists, ecologists, Politian’s, business analysts, logistic experts, media and sports persons. Brilliant people from and in every conservable industry and venture all working collectively to shape a better future for ourselves, for our planet, and our complexity. Creating the software and creating the Butterfly Effect that will shape our future.

As and when this event comes to pass the Baby POP investment principal, as described in the following chapter, illustrates this group of a million to swell to between fifty to a hundred million come 2036. In its most simplistic terms Buinessbook is considered as people who are paid by the Network. All working as one with the joint goals of making whoever wishes to gain from S-World as successful as possible, alongside protecting our complexity.

In the middle of the graphic we see the FME, the Finite Math Engine. At the most simplest of levels the FME is not hardware or software, rather the search for the mathematics that will make the calculations of every single inventory item and transaction carried out by any associate to the network recordable within 30 odd decimal places.
On the Right S-World UCS, the “Butterfly Receiver” is everyone else on the planet, regardless of their knowledge or participation within the network. If we cast our minds back to the S-World-UCS chapter “Quantum Time” we remember that S-World UCS is many concepts rolled into one, a sophisticated game and training platform. The database and registry for all network inventory, transactions, business activities, and a virtual time machine where all citizens are invited to participate in various future simulations of network progression, including ecological and philanthropic initiatives.

In the first phase, we see the creation of the networks’ first trading partners, from big brands to sole traders, specific to the creation of the first phase of resort networks and e-commerce trading partners. This is the Butterfly Creators first offering being received by the Butterfly Receiver.

The second phase is where the Butterfly becomes a circular event. If we zoom into and consider our sample manufacturing company “The Window Factory” within the USA alone, there would be in the region of 100 such companies. All fueled by guaranteed tenders, thus enabling their profitability as presented in chapter three.

As the 100 or so window manufacturers trade, their every action is monitored and returned to the Butterfly Creator where the data is analyzed Buinessbook learning form. The more random nature of the free thinking businesses and their staff and by virtue of the success or failure of each endeavor an update is applied to the next wave of advice and options. And so a second, now circular butterfly effect is created.


Continuing with our “all hands to the pump,” making the most of our sentience theme, in this graphic we see six network simulations added to the basic QuESC model. Three UCS Voyager and three fixed date simulations attached to Businessbook, called “BBS” Businesses Book Simulations. The Buinessbook fixed simulations are displayed at 4, 16 and 32 years in the future from the first desired network resorts launched in 2014.

Using American Butterfly’s current POP long term forecasts, analyzed and added to by out initial wave of “committed citizens,” bolstered by the founding Buinessbook team, an initial PQS long term financial forecast will be created. Staring in 2046 a desired future outcome will be plotted, specific to “Special Projects.” Taking one such project the “African Rain,” the desire via alternate energy powered desalinization to returning parts of the Sahara to its pre Roman pasture and forested state. A team of thousands of Businessbook employees working backwards, starting with success then analyzes the optimum path to successes.

Another Businessbook team works closer to home in 2030 taking advice from BBS: 2046. In particular as to where the main Network Cities and large resort networks would best be situated. Looking at the logistics of what is needed to achieve BBS: 2046 success, from the make up of settlements, the population and financial success of same, the raw materials needed to the strategic business partnerships necessary to create the optimum “desired outcome.”

BBS: 2018 (Businessbook Simulation 2018) will consist of a large team that looks to the bump and grind of setting up the initial process. Armed with future virtual simulations of significant accuracy of how North Africa will look, and how profitable it will be in the mid and long term future. The primary job of 2018 will be in the founding of the Resort Networks, Science and Network Cities and the companies that will trade within.

Moving over to S-World UCS Voyager, this future simulation of the network, starts in our time, and moves off at twice our speed. So that if it were launched on the 24th November 2013, within half a year UCS Voyager 1 will be dated 24th November 2014. UCS Voyager 1 will be a very serious future simulation, many of the deals made, and many of the locations popularized becoming real, it is desired to have over a billion participants.

With the exception of essential partners and key brands anyone that wishes to conduct business with the network, or work for a company associated with the network does so via Voyager UCS models. In terms of QuESC’s Butterfly Creator and Butterfly Receiver philosophy, the simulations created in Voyager models are as useful to the learning process as real time actions. Indeed there is an argument that they are even more useful, as the data collated is not simply from businesses actions, rather the actions of the staff of the businesses and those that would like to be staff, and those that simply wish to play. The more people that play or attend the simulation, the more future triumphs and failures there are to be analyzed.

If we look again at the Window Factory come 2015, instead of having 100 sets of analytics thousands will be available specific to their industry and millions specific to complimentary industries so many of the problems that would have arisen in the real world will already been thrashed out in UCS Voyager, and as useful many maybe more risky. Or theoretical avenues to successes, that may not have been tried in a real life “money where your month is” decision making process, will have been run in the simulation. So starting with a million compatible simulations if only one in a thousand works, then there would be a thousand new workable ideas or paths available. Some extremely effective options, risk tested that can be enacted at the touch of a button.

In pink we see VSN Voyager, linked to S-World VSN (Virtual Social Network). The same principle but entwined within many games and fun elements, designed to draw the public at large to assist with simulations. Unlike UCS Voyager which continually updates with real time financial, partnership and inventory information, and moves users from simulated resorts to real resorts when they are identified; VSN Voyager takes on the characteristics of an untamed Multiverse, where anything is possible.

Voyager 2 is a token presence for other Voyager Simulations. Possibly running at four or eight times our current speed and possibly starting in the future going forwards or backwards.

On a final note, on many occasions, BBS’s (Buinessbook simulations) and their operators will do deals and work with Voyager Simulations.


To our right we see the complete picture. Attached to QuESC and the future network simulations we find the Buinessbook concepts and various software applications from to Sienna.Gov all attached to Buinessbook. We have already covered various software contingents and more will be detailed. Needleless to say at the very least it is complex. And so we add this complexity to the Buinessbook employee’s inelegance to drive innovation, said innovation assisting all that conduct business or enjoy the network on the S-World UCS side of the Finite Math Engine.

The software computation and analysis of the information received from S-World UCS assists the human contingent within Buinessbook in analytics of the successes and failures of the various Network strategies, Enhancing solutions, improving advisory notices and in general creating a seamless bridge between buinessbook and S-World UCS.

Bottom right specific to S-World UCS sits the UCS database and registry. It is presented in the same fashion as our previous hypothesized cube which sat around our butterfly’s wings, measuring with 100% accuracy. This is deliberate as the registry must be without error, an exact real time representation of the financial and inventory status of all companies attached to an individual network. Complete mathematical perfection, no rounding errors, in either actual network calculations or simulated network calculations.

There will not be a single database. Rather each resort network will house their own server, deep underground powered by various forms of alternate energy. Over time each server will grow into a super computer, as such each network will house one part of the global database. And if one makes errors, it will not make a significant dent to the global picture.

All elements combined, QuESC (ourselves), our many future simulations, our powerful yet simple software customized to all conservable business types, sizes, and languages. The hardware network of super computers, complementary concepts like S-World TV & Sports and the various Special Projects all combined to shape the future in a way that best serves humanity, ecology and our complexity.

This is the PQS, as best as can be considered Predictive Quantum Software, using every trick in the book to assist our journey. Assisting us to create and implement a Butterfly Effect within our lives.


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