Facebook Business Development

Facebook Business Development

A short summary of the three point development plan will be presented, then go into detail on each point before generating a profits forecasts at the end, as in all that is “American Butterfly” the exercise is circular, self generating the first point enhancing the last, then the last enhancing the first, and round and round it goes.

1. Facebook Gifts

Facebook gifts is such a simple concept its amazing Facebook or someone making apps for facebook has not already done it. Facebook has considered it and has a patent relating to the technical inner workings. The concept is simply to attach a gift and card-sending service to the birthday reminder function, then offer an automated reminder service for all occasions.

2. Facebook Gifts Plus

With the door opened to e-commerce in a way that pleases members, Facebook can happily sell goods via the same system to anyone at anytime, with the original birthday gifts demo showing a number of test subjects asking “can I send gifts to myself?”

3. Facebook Gifts Stores

Considering the construction of malls and marinas in resorts, an obvious extension to Facebook gifts is to open retail stores, following in the celestial Steve Jobs vision for Apple to control the user experience end-to-end, and paying respect to his retail co partner retail Guru Ron Johnsons teachings: “The size of the store signals the importance of the brand”. Each Facebook gifts store will be of greater size than Apples largest.

This is not to overshadow Apples achievements, rather to pay respect to their founder’s vision of moving an IT company smoothly into retail and beyond. Apple stores of course sell only Apple products, products that have been selectively made so as not to overwhelm the consumer with to many choices.

Facebook gifts will also sell everything selectively albeit far wider ranges of goods, hence the need for bigger stores.
When Criss Cox, VP of Facebook products said “Were so far, far, far away from the vision of what this can be, which is everything you use and everything you interact with”, I doubt he realized just how quickly his vision could materialize.

The Edge

Facebook of course would not consider such ventures unless they were popular with members and represented a significant improvement in the current e-commerce and retail businesses.

When the original Facebook gifts concept was put on line http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html the network structure as described throughout “American Butterfly” was still in its infancy. A year later it is all encompassing. Include Facebook stores and warehouses positioned within each resort delivery and logistics and the control of the end-to-end user experience are firmly in hand.

As for “representing a significant improvement in the current e-commerce and retail businesses”, I refer you once more to the “per human results search engine.” The only condition on receiving dividends and profit share network credits is that to receive more credits recipients need to have rated previously purchased items.

With a minimum of $108 Billion of rated goods a year, plus the general public receiving network credits in exchange for voting, alongside their option to update their vote if an item becomes defective at a later stage, a gigantic voting pool will be in effect, certainly enough to give a good indication of what goods are exceptional.

And that’s the trick:

All top rated goods for a defined period are to be made exclusive to Facebook Gifts.