Diary Entries 2 – Experience Africa

American Butterfly – book 4

The Butterfly

By Nick Ray Ball January to April 2013

Chapter 3.

Diary Entries 2 – Experience Africa


Part 1. Experience Africa vs. the Elephant poachers (take me there)
Part 2. Mother Network (Angelverse) Sectors (take me there)
Part 3. The Finance Sector Database Integration (take me there)
Part 4. The Spartan Theory & World Peace in a Digital Age (take me there)
Part 5. “Au revoir” (take me there)
Part 6. In Retrospect from 2017 (take me there)

Part 1. Experience Africa vs. the Elephant poachers

Since the original pre-Spartan Theory business plan created for Virgin in March 2011 with the exception of a brief mention within the early Facebook Travel design on www.s-world.biz and in the S-Web within the S-World chapter of “The Theory of Every Business,” we have heard little of Experience Africa which was from 2008 to 2010 “The Plan.”
Experience Africa has now evolved and came back in part as a Special Project. Last week I saw another program on the poaching in Africa. Fifty elephants killed for their tusks, bound so it was said, for the new rich in the East. I cried when I saw it and I’m crying as I type it.

So I decided Experience Africa should be a loss leader, we can take a sector within the first mother networks, the same as “Lx.” 12.5% (one cubic dimension). Now I’m not sure how this will work in practice. But they have elephants and rhinos in zoos in the USA and across the globe. So why can’t we open a series of game reserves for endangered species, wherever practical. One in each mother network, preferably stretching off into adjacent woodland, fenced off of course.

I can see whole species dying out if we don’t do this. So I’m adopting the “where there is a will there is a way” philosophy whilst applying a serious Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field to anyone that says “but.”
The $250 million in investment will go largely into creating a tourism village within the resort network bordering Little Hollywood, with (where applicable) the nature reserve viewable from the “Lx.” Estate.

Income streams could reach high figures, but not with the same degree as certainty as other industries might. Experience Africa will principally deal with travel, with a view to including real estate and in general African affairs. Whilst the dedicated name is Experience Africa, the brand can be regionalised to other areas by the word “Experience.”

Looking at travel income with a global mid recession general spend of $2.5 trillion for business and leisure travel, if we look at the big picture in 2020 with 2,048 mother networks planned globally, we have a split of $1.2 billion per network for 100% of the market. Considering general global travel systems as presented within Facebook Travel, 20% of the market would be a safe enough figure. If we were at the point where over 2000 networks were in existence. If a 20% commission was average and a 50/50 split was made with referring technology and media companies, then a token $25 million is generated. However, in reality due to network credits and economic stimulus, I can see this moving closer to $75 million.

Bookings directly at the travel village and estate have the potential to bring in $250 million in revenue before economic stimulus if the 2,048 new resorts attained 20% of business and leisure travel by 2020, which if they are built is a fair estimate. Adding economic stimulus and considering it would be in the nature of many to spend network credits on holidays, the revenue stream could fairly reach $500 million. However, like all resorts, it largely depends on what people say about and in essence it comes down to quality, price, and experience.

$500 million in considering a 35% profit margin (remember all venues are paid for so no loan fees) is $175 million (Note: Of course as new resorts are built market share will dissipate, but often to new venues built out of POP from the original mother networks, as such still registering as dividends to original investors).

All told between $113 million and $250 million potential from travel, as such I feel we can apply an additional loss leader technique to boost overall market share. This initiative is within the Experience Africa Travel Village. Within half the venues will be run by Experience Africa and half by the investors, only the strong luxury brands setting up their own private hotels or lodges. Then the Experience Africa lodges run 5 star venues at 4 star prices by running at cost, as such giving great value to all that stay and so promote the entire resort. At the same time the private venues charge a minimum of say $500 a night for those that can afford it, or have an excess of network credits and want to get rid of them.

It would lose half the profit expected from stays at the resort, but will probably double popularity for the brand and the networks alike.

Considering all factors this changes things to between $100 and $500 million (I’m totally open to debate this, but it feels right to me).

Also please remember, back to “Lx.”, the same system will apply, just the prices are higher and its for members only. Offering the superrich cost price services and the rather more extravagant, all of which are six star.

On top of these earnings comes the potential for Real Estate, African Affairs, and other diversification work.

All told, well over the minimum 40% profit vs. investment that is required, with potential to generate far more, a boost to “Lx.” members and in general the entire network due to guests spending whilst at the resort.

Go figure, saving the elephants and their friends turns out to be a profitable venture, as is often the way with Special Projects; such is the nature of the Butterfly.

Part 2. Mother Network (Angelverse) Sectors

With “Lx.” And “Experience Africa” added to the existing construction Suppliers Butterfly and S-World (Primary partners: technology, media and pharmaceuticals) the allocation of workable business plans for mother networks rises from 35% to 62.5% with a definitive split of three sectors of 12.5% remaining.

It has already been mentioned that energy companies and countries should be offered an opportunity to create the energy butterfly. At the end of the day there is a large budget for devises and constructions that will go to this sector. Previously it had been considered to leave this tender for the second set of resorts, but plans adapt, and this is one such adaptation.

This leaves just two sectors. Retail may well be a part of other sectors, but manufacturing of all the goods for sale certainly demands a general and local manufacturing sector, which will later see competition from dedicated sectors in baby resorts. But as an initial set of manufacturers and resource suppliers for most if not all network goods be it from M<>Bst or economic stimulus or both, a general manufacturing sector could be expected to have the same performance, if not greater than the construction sector (the Window Factory).

Lastly we need the finance sector.


Part 3. The Finance Sector Database Integration

For the finance sector, the reasoning is not specifically how companies make their money, rather how to get customers.

Be it immediately or soon after, to have the system pure so it can run error free. The banking software and bank or banks that connect to it need to be created by the network. Banks will have to integrate their money into them.

2,048 mother networks seeing $250 million equals $512 billion for which all financial services from network companies will use.

It’s a Butterfly, so all baby networks also use these services and over time POP will have branches or offices in all networks. Which would be about 50,000 by 2050 x over 2000 businesses each, times all their employees, times all that receive network credits, times all that wish to do business or work for the network in the future.

That’s a lot of people and a lot of businesses. Oh, and then of course there are the governments to consider.

Alternatively, banking and advice could remain “in-house” from the operations centre? Or possibly a cross between the two.

Part 4. The Spartan Theory & World Peace in a Digital Age

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, peace in Afghanistan and the eradication of Polio

By Nick Ray Ball Tuesday, January 29th 2013: 12:08 AM GMT

Ok now we are going back to domino number 18 “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

The coincidence of media showing programs has twice dramatically changed the research part for American Butterfly. First the viewing of the film “The Social Network” changed early development towards Facebook. And more recently the viewing of “How Small is the Universe” changed research towards the mathematics of Sting Theory.”

The latest media presentation comes in the form of a Richard Dimbleby lecture by Bill Gates. Its half way through and I’ve had a good idea about how to assist Bill in eradicating Polio. Basically it’s only in three countries: Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Nigeria the rumour that it makes children sterile is hampering the efforts, which is odd because in general Nigerians are pretty smart. I do not have an instant solution to this other than using the media to spread the word. However, I do have an idea for Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is probably considered the harder target.

For this we will need to go into advanced Butterfly mode and enlist help from S-World UCS and S-World PQS Voyager 2049 simulations and activate “The Spartan Theory” and “The Babylon Project.”

This has always involved me talking in a desert with some spiritual dudes from the Taliban at some point. I have much to say and have been planning this for a long time. But have rarely mentioned it as I did not have anything to subtlety to break the ice with.

And so to the vaccines, the first priority is the saving of lives. And so everyone needs to be cool with giving the vaccines to the Taliban to distribute, and by the time I’ve finished chatting I expect they will.

Yes, this will make the Taliban more popular in the areas where they vaccinate, but we really need to look at that approach. As I said some time ago, shooting at them and hoping they will go away just isn’t working.

There is significantly more to tell on this point, but it’s not the time. It is however good to add peace in Afghanistan and the eradication of Polio to the list of considered projects.

The Babylon Project was last raised at the beginning of December 2011 with the presentation to UK Justice Minister Chris Grayling. The paper presented to him can be seen on www.s-world.biz chapter 24 Cities of Science.

As for The Spartan Theory: Chapter 2 The Spartan Theory on www.s-world.biz is dedicated to it, as is the penultimate entry within Chapter 3 Strings of Life of Americana Butterfly book 2 Spiritually Inspired Software, both are entitled “The Spartan Theory.”

In addition to this, within M-Systems: Quantum Time Systems 13: S-World UCS Quantum Time Voyager Simulations, and System 14: Angel Cities are set to offer more detail in the future.

Part 5. “Au revoir”

By Nick Ray Ball Wednesday, February 06th 2013: 05:48 PM GMT

My back problems have become quite intolerable, I can type for an hour at most per day, and even then I should not.

So were finished, that’s a wrap!

Tomorrow, the five American Butterfly books arrive with five bouquets of flowers with Ms. Ann Mobs the administrative officer for the applied mathematics and theoretical sciences division at Cambridge, addressed departmentally but specifically Michael Green, the String Theory ledged!

Positive response or not, the first edition of American Butterfly has been sent. It basically goes…

The Theory of Every Business
Introduction and Project History
The Network on a String
Quantum Time (Work so far)
The Butterfly (Work so far)

Superstring Economics / Strings of life (Work so far)

It feels like a good place to take a break. And seeing as I can’t type, now the focus is not on finishing the book, rather looking for assistance perfecting what is already there. So the work will be sent to Jerine as a finished book of sorts, after which it’s a case of carefully picking targets, Bill Gates climbing the ladder fast.

It’s a great way to end the book with the Spartan Theory, just in case anyone was confused about what it was. There it is “world peace in a digital age.”

As for me, well I’ve craftily managed to mitigate the odds of Cambridge not wishing to assist to zero.

It would appear I’m going to laying down a lot in the future, so I got myself Cambridge’s GCSE physics DVDs. I’ve already got the qualification, but like when you go back to Muay Thai, it’s always best to start at the beginning, and really master the basics. At the same time, I found a new Lecture set by Leonard Susskind called Topics in String Theory, which is looking good for some new inspirations.

I am of course hoping that Cambridge will be welcoming.

But in case they have not, my focus will be getting to Thailand by May 2013 for a more creative approach to completing the story.

Either way, this is the first edition of American Butterfly, I hope you liked it

Now go out there and make a difference.

Nick Ray Ball xoxo

Part 6. In Retrospect from 2017

By Nick Ray Ball 23rd January 2017

As it turned out, Cambridge did ignore my presentation, and I never did make it to Thailand. Its a while ago and I can’t completely remember what order was what, but the combination of making the SWOT and seeing that the lack of a prototype was a big weakness and the lack of reply from Cambridge really took the wind out of the macro-economic theory and the use of TOE math within it.

So I changed my plans to travel, and instead hired a php programmer from India and started re-learning how to build websites, which I did well from 2000 to 2004, but this time I would also project manage the database side of things, directly with the programmer, this meant having to lean a whole load of new skills, not least PHP and XML. I started with a copy of www.CapeVillas.com and started creating a new version of every part of it… four years later we can now see this new version as www.VillaSecrets.com

As I worked more on the web development, I stopped researching American Butterfly, and I was so deflated that I did not send the work to anyone.

In hind sight, this was a good thing as was the lack of reply from Cambridge, as the work I have done since in Villa Secrets, Experience Africa and M-Systems is light years ahead, and this work would not been done if I had received assistance at that time.

By mid-2013, S-World and American Butterfly were put aside completely and it would take three years of working on Villa Secrets, before I started to connect the pieces, and think about the American Butterfly plans in microeconomic for Villa Secrets, then on the 14th March 2016 we saw the return of String Theory and a blog http://www.angeltheory.org/blog/string-theory-networks

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